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Coming to the end of my 14 day isolation

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Bookriddle Tue 27-Oct-20 08:19:16

My wife is a nurse, they had covid19 patients on her ward! I was shitting myself because i have underlying health conditions and was worried about the effects it would have on me!

Anyway my wife caught the virus and had to isolate and i had to isolate for 14 days! I just started a new job a week before my wifes positive result, for some reason i haven't caught this highly infectious virus!

Now my mental health has taken a nose dive, i had prepared myself to have the virus, genuinely thought it would put me in hospital, now i have to live in fear of catching it!

Financially we are fucked this month, god knows how we are gonna pay our rent and bills! Now im worried about my mental health, i had a suicide attempt 2 years ago and dont want to go through all that pain again!

Just wanted a rant

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