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Will I get it if DH has it?

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whatsbinhappnin Fri 23-Oct-20 11:47:45

DH has tested positive. He had symptoms of fever, tickly cough, headache and fatigue for 2 days now just has chest tightness.

We're now sleeping in separate rooms, keeping >2m apart and Dettolling surfaces/door handles/light switches frequently, and using different bathrooms. But only since the positive test result which came 3 days after onset of symptoms!

Anyone managed to avoid getting it themselves in a similar situation or should I resign myself to my fate?

Also, if I get it, does DH have to self isolate for another 14 days?

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Janeinthemiddle Fri 23-Oct-20 11:55:00

Hello there, my husband was tested positive a couple of weeks ago so myself and DS have been self isolating. (DS and I were negative)

DH sleeps in separate bedroom but other than that, it was all as normal in the house. It was difficult if he has to self isolate from us as we only have 1 bathroom and I was working from home and looking after DS. I really couldn't manage if I have to look after DH too.

So far, DS and I have not developed any symptoms at all.

We have been more liberal with usage of disinfectant

MrsBennetsnerves Fri 23-Oct-20 12:16:49

I isolated in my bedroom for a week in March, with DH sleeping in a separate room, leaving me meals outside my room and as we had two loos we kept to separate ones. He was asymptomatic so although it was a bit lonely the viral load would have been reduced.

AdoreTheBeach Fri 23-Oct-20 12:26:20

Back at the start of April, our daughter (adult) developed symptoms. At the time, tests were in short supply as it was fairly early on in the pandemic so she was diagnosed over the phone. We’d all been sharing everything and also as she has a habit of leaving used tissues and dishes debris her with me cleaning up after her, we didn’t impose self isolation in the house.

a few months Later, she had the antibody test done, which was positive. As I’m OK with blood tests, I then went to get one done too (before paying for other family members to be tested who also happen to be very squeamish about blood tests of any kind).

I was negative for antibodies.

amicissimma Fri 23-Oct-20 12:59:29

There are various studies about this, known as the secondary attack rate. They show that the contacts living with a Covid patient catch it in 14 - 20% of cases.

So the odds are that you won't. But you might.

Augustbreeze Fri 23-Oct-20 13:36:42

Think the research so far shows that even a positive wife/husband only has a 30% chance of infecting their spouse.

whatsbinhappnin Fri 23-Oct-20 17:53:26

Thank you, this is very reassuring!

There is hope then!!

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AllBellyandBoobs Fri 23-Oct-20 19:27:33

I caught it from mine unfortunately, my fever started exactly 7 days after his did 😫

whatsbinhappnin Fri 23-Oct-20 21:47:10

Oh no @AllBellyandBoobs! Are you recovered now?

I've had a weird very strong metallic taste in my mouth all day. Brushed teeth 3 times, gum, mints, it's still have ordered a test

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MJMG2015 Fri 23-Oct-20 21:52:19

I hope DH is better soon.

Even if your test is negative you need to isolate for 14 days from his onset of symptoms. He only needs to do 10 days.

You might still escape getting it, but the 'strange metallic taste' has been mentioned by people.

Good luck!

happytoday73 Fri 23-Oct-20 21:58:32

My friend shared a bed with her covid + partner who was eventually hospitalised.... They never got it, don't have antibodies.. Despite partner being very sick/presumably high viral load

whatsbinhappnin Fri 23-Oct-20 22:09:38

Yes, of course will still be isolating if test is negative smile

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Sassy14 Fri 23-Oct-20 22:12:06

All my family had in who was in the same household but my brother who also lives with them tested negative! X

Isadora2007 Fri 23-Oct-20 22:15:09

Our ds7 is the only one out of our extended family household of 6 who didn’t get it.
My mum got it and my dad hasn’t. They’re in their 70s. My sister and nephew have it but so far BIL doesn’t.
May the odds be ever in your favour, but don’t panic too much about it either.

JammyGeorge Fri 23-Oct-20 22:18:34

My SIL tested positive but DBro never got it, he had a test and was negative.

My other SIL got it very badly and her DH and two adult children were symptom free.

caringcarer Fri 23-Oct-20 22:19:44

I know a person who had it but was asymptomatic. He only knew he had it because 3 people at his workplace got it and felt I'll so employer arranged for all 7 employees to have test. He said he felt absolutely fine, no high temperature, no cough no tiredness or anything. His wife and 2 sons were then tested but all negative. His wife put boys in same bedroom and she slept in one of the boys rooms. My friend isolated in bedroom with ensuite, was waited on hand and foot and watched loads of box sets. He could not work as a sports coach. None of his family got it.

MrsP2015 Fri 23-Oct-20 22:33:36

My sister was tested today as she has symptoms and someone she works with close family member tested positive a couple of days ago.

I'm praying my sister doesn't have it as she lives in a small house with my mum who was shielding.

Let us know your results.

Greyshaggyrug Sat 24-Oct-20 03:00:40

My friend had it at the beginning of lockdown. She was home with her family for 2 weeks before needing to go to hospital for a further 3 weeks. Neither Her partner nor daughter got it (that they know of).

AllBellyandBoobs Sat 24-Oct-20 08:46:32

@whatsbinhappenin not completely recovered yet, I am feeling better today but I am aware that I am coming into the apparently critical period of 7-10 days so fingers crossed. I also had a metallic taste and have suffered with GI symptoms. I hope you stay well!

TheHouseonHauntedHill Sat 24-Oct-20 08:50:49

Op it's airborne.. Aside from the wiping try and keep good ventilation going.

Doors, windows... To create a draw of air.

I am 90 %sure I had it in march. Loss of smell etc and extreme fatigue, it didn't go further... No 1⃣ else became notably ill.. Unless they were asymptomatic.... And I didn't sell isolate at all because back then there was a vague idea that it might be something to do with covid but nothing firm at all.

TheHouseonHauntedHill Sat 24-Oct-20 08:53:09

Very interesting, they are looking into the super spreaders arnt they!

KittyMcKitty Sat 24-Oct-20 08:54:35

We’re a family of 4 - 2 got it 2 didn’t. I did dh didn’t.

Yes Public Health England says if anyone else develops symptoms the entire household needs to start counting 14 days again (and the same is subsequent people get it).

Use different bathrooms and keep +ve people in their rooms.

whatsbinhappnin Sat 24-Oct-20 08:57:42

@AllBellyandBoobs Hope you keep recovering well! My chest is a bit tight when I breathe in deeply this morning. Could be imagining it though...

@TheHouseonHauntedHill we've got windows and doors open too. Superspreaders very interesting- something like 10% of people spread 80% of the cases?

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MyWeddingFund Sat 24-Oct-20 09:05:52

In similar position. I have it and I am hoping DH doesn't catch it. I am staying in bedroom and he is waiting on me; bring food, drinks. We have to share bathroom as only have one. Fingers crossed he doesn't catch it. I only have very mild symptoms

AllBellyandBoobs Mon 26-Oct-20 13:17:08

@whatsbinhappnin did you get your test result?

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