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Would you take the vaccine for COVID if it became available?

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weltonn Thu 22-Oct-20 00:48:26

I'm undecided. Would you?

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PluralPatty Thu 22-Oct-20 00:49:17

Yes, if it was approved by relevant agencies

TiddyTid Thu 22-Oct-20 00:49:25


tobee Thu 22-Oct-20 01:01:23

Right now!

LadyEloise Thu 22-Oct-20 01:02:30

Yes if it has been approved by the relevant authorities.

Nestme Thu 22-Oct-20 01:04:12

If it was the Oxford one or similar non live one hell yes.

readyreadygo Thu 22-Oct-20 01:15:35

Hell no!

Blondiney Thu 22-Oct-20 01:20:43

No thank you.

Krazynights34 Thu 22-Oct-20 01:24:35


DramaAlpaca Thu 22-Oct-20 01:25:09

Yes please.

ARudeTerriblePerson Thu 22-Oct-20 01:29:12


mrssunshinexxx Thu 22-Oct-20 01:30:06


MJMG2015 Thu 22-Oct-20 01:30:54

The Oxford (which is non live) yes

The one in China (not completed testing, but being sold) - no

nancy75 Thu 22-Oct-20 01:35:48

Once it’s passed testing & approved - yes, absolutely

480Widdio Thu 22-Oct-20 01:56:23


Youandmeareluckytobeus Thu 22-Oct-20 01:59:41

Not until hundreds of thousands of others have tried it first so I can see if it is safe and effective. grin

AmICrazyorWhat2 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:01:13

Yes, if it’s from a reliable developer and fully approved.

wontonwoman Thu 22-Oct-20 02:17:49


Kokeshi123 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:26:37


Time40 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:59:28

I'm not sure. Maybe not. It would depend on how much confidence I had in it ... which as things are at the moment, might be not a lot.

ulanbatorismynextstop Thu 22-Oct-20 03:47:34


Suzi888 Thu 22-Oct-20 03:52:29

No. Though I’ve a feeling no jab, no travelling hmm

Onedropbeat Thu 22-Oct-20 04:13:41


hopefulhalf Thu 22-Oct-20 04:14:15

yes in a heart beat

augustusglupe Thu 22-Oct-20 04:17:42


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