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Covid positive and at home with 2 Kids

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MamaLou7 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:05:02

So my husband and I have just found out we are both positive for Covid-19. Although we're sick our symptoms at this point are manageable, I'm just so worried about the children catching it. Son is 3years old and daughter just 4months so obviously cannot distance from them and house isn't big enough for us to be in separate rooms etc. Has anyone been through this and were kids okay? Scared. Any info/advice would be great. TIA ❤

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Isadora2007 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:07:49

Your kids will be fine even if they get it. Don’t even try to distance.

Isadora2007 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:11:29

My dd is pregnant with number two and has covid. Her toddler has been fine- unsure if he got it or not as he’s isolating with her. He’s been a bit grouchy but fine health wise. Kids generally are tbh. Get well soon.

MamaLoua1 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:13:27

Thank you Isadora2007, I hope your dd is better soon too

Jrobhatch29 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:15:33

I know a single parent who had covid about 2 weeks ago and had to isolate with her 2 kids. They didn't get it, or didn't show symptoms

Whatatoodoodle Tue 20-Oct-20 20:15:46

Friends had to do this first time around.
It was tough but they got through it with a lot of tv and ready meals.
One of the kids was a bit under the weather but nothing alarming and other was absolutely fine.
Hope you both feel better soon

MamaLoua1 Tue 20-Oct-20 20:23:13

Thanks so much all for the reassurance. Not an easy time for anyone. Stay well and safe x

LindaEllen Tue 20-Oct-20 20:23:49

They will almost certainly be fine, as will the two of you, so don't worry too much about it smile.

Try to take it easy and allow plenty of screen time to make things easier on you until you both feel better! x

Bolshybun Sun 25-Oct-20 10:55:52

Myself and my husband tested positive. Our kids are 7 and 4. We are all out of isolation in 3 days, which is 14 days after my husband started with symptoms. The kids have sneezed a couple of times and that’s all. We have managed taking it easy and using the television and iPads more than usual!

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