Ocado tips, hacks, Toblerone and Christmas

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GaryUnicorn Thu 08-Oct-20 20:54:17

Carrying on from the old thread....

Still no email about the Christmas slots.

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GaryUnicorn Thu 08-Oct-20 20:59:28

Carrying on from : www.mumsnet.com/Talk/coronavirus/4045676-Ocado-tips-hacks-Toblerone-and-Christmas?watched=1

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PickleSarnie Thu 08-Oct-20 21:02:02

I got the email about Christmas slots yesterday evening and slots opened this morning.

viccat Thu 08-Oct-20 21:05:16

No Christmas email and no access to slots past the first week of November for me. sad Quite disappointed because I've been a customer for over 10 years and thought I was on their priority list (I had orders throughout lockdown, have a Smart Pass etc.).

Noflora Thu 08-Oct-20 21:09:21

Given Ocado's terrible communication this year I stayed up until after midnight just in case. Nope. And no email today. I have had an Anytime Smartpass for years but I was recognised as Priority customer earlier in the year. Winning situation you'd think but Priority has continuously proved to be less important than Smartpass. My slots actually reduced when I got the Priority status and I've only just got back to seeing 4 weeks in advance with my reserved slot. So I better not hold my breath about a useful Christmas slot. Thank goodness for Waitrose.

PowerslidePanda Thu 08-Oct-20 21:24:50

So their Christmas priorities make as much sense as their lockdown priorities then - i.e. none at all!

When they say they're staggering the release, I wonder how far apart the tranches are. Not seen anyone say they've had an email today, so I guess not daily...

StanfordPines Thu 08-Oct-20 21:30:00

Just checking in.


NotGenerationAlpha Thu 08-Oct-20 21:32:35

I just saw this thread. I got a email a couple of days ago and have booked my Christmas slot. There are still plenty left and they say they’re staggering it.

DerbyshireMama Thu 08-Oct-20 21:33:02

No Christmas email for me and only able to book one slot per week, one week in advance.

How is everybody finding the M&S food? Stock has been quite hit and miss but generally enjoying the food. Their Gastropub chicken and leek pie is heavenly.

Wolfcub Thu 08-Oct-20 21:34:59

Thanks for the new thread

CharBart Thu 08-Oct-20 21:38:25

I got an email yesterday and booked Christmas delivery slot this morning. I’ve been able to book deliveries 2 weeks ahead, haven’t tried further. M&S has been ok so far and will be handy in run up to Christmas. I’m organising Ocado deliveries for my parents as well and they are delighted to have M&S food! I’m tempted to do a one off Waitrose delivery to stock up on Essentials...

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 08-Oct-20 21:41:51

Waitrose essentials ar3 so much better value than their m&s equivalent.

OldPodge Thu 08-Oct-20 21:50:08

I booked my Christmas slot this morning. Am missing my Waitrose bits though and really considering swapping over. As others have said it’s the hassle of changing having got all the favourites saved. I’ve Emailed Ocado this week to complain the packaging, lots of plastic.

Wisteria1979 Thu 08-Oct-20 21:54:50

I’m ordering from both at the moment 🙈 missing some of the waitrose stuff, enough to order it separately. M&S products have been a bit hit and miss in my mind and pricey but ocado as a delivery service is very reliable.

MayFayre Thu 08-Oct-20 22:21:02

I’ve just booked my Christmas slot and there seemed to be plenty of slots still available for my area.

We’ve decided today to change how we do our shopping. I’ll continue to do a small weekly order from Ocado for basics and non-perishables, but will also do a weekly Waitrose shop in store for fresh stuff. There are so many products that I used to order from Ocado where there isn’t an M&S alternative. Our local Waitrose is too small to do a full weekly shop though.

Fuss Thu 08-Oct-20 22:28:48

No email for me yet either.

I really wish Waitrose did some kind of smart pass/ reserved system. I’d be with them permanently in a heartbeat

goldpendant Fri 09-Oct-20 00:05:40

Really really disappointed with what's actually available on Ocado these days, and I've had to request more refunds because of damages and bashed up packaging etc, I'm going to Waitrose or Sainsburys I think.

rainbowninja Fri 09-Oct-20 00:25:45

I somehow missed the email telling me about the Christmas slots, luckily a friend gave me a nudge. Liking the m and s choices but agree that broken packaging is an issue.

Just had to request a refund this week which has been processed but it's really inconvenient/disappointing when you can't use something because of a broken seal, not to mention a waste.

Madcats Fri 09-Oct-20 06:59:45

Ocado used to send us loads of emails. These days we simply get order acknowledgements and receipts.

I don't think I am one of their "valued customers" these days.

PersephonePromotesEquanimity Fri 09-Oct-20 07:06:40

Still no app. Beginning to feel it's just me ... grin

And nothing showing beyond October 30. November is grey. I'm not even allowed to glimpse December!

Thanks for the new thread. Need a venue for all my pointless griping.

JacobReesMogadishu Fri 09-Oct-20 07:17:16

I’ve just read an article about cheapest supermarkets and Waitrose came out cheaper than tesco, morrisons and Ocado. I’m thinking of swapping to Waitrose.

277xo Fri 09-Oct-20 07:29:37

@PersephonePromotesEquanimity exactly the same for me, all of November is greyed out and can’t click any further. I also can’t use the app either!

Mirrorxx Fri 09-Oct-20 07:34:55

I haven’t had an email about Christmas slots even though I’m an anytime pass holder and have been for years. I think I will be switching to waitrose

TeaOneSugar Fri 09-Oct-20 07:47:57

The Christmas slots are usually released geographically aren't they? I haven't had my email yet in the East Midlands.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 09-Oct-20 07:49:44

Just checking in ...

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