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Covid app notification.

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Missandra Thu 08-Oct-20 00:14:40

Wtf does this even mean?

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lljkk Thu 08-Oct-20 01:32:49

I think It means your phone talked to someone else's phone with the same app onit. I suppose it's a warning that you got physically close enough to someone else that if they test positive fairly soon, you will be notified to self isolate.

Bubblemonkey Thu 08-Oct-20 06:05:16

Is it not a generic thing? I’ve woke up to the same thing this morning.

katie2812 Thu 08-Oct-20 06:11:15

I have gotten this twice. Apparently it shouldn't be sent to your phone as it potentially could mean nothing and it disappears. One article said when I googled it as I was concerned and it basically is just to say you have been within 4m of a covid positive. If you have been briefly around someone e.g. walked past them four metres away, you won't be told to isolate as it is little to no exposure. If you have been between 2-4m, it is little to medium amount of risk and they.will assess how long for and the distance. If you have been 2m for longer than 15min, you will be told to isolate in a second notification that will not disappear when you click on it. Of you have been exposed to covid, this notification will stay on the app and you will be told to isolate. So I wouldn't worry as worrying as it may be.

MadameMinimes Thu 08-Oct-20 06:14:33

I think it means that your phone communicated with the phone of someone who has now tested positive. It’s to let you know that the app is now checking your data to see how close you were and for how long. If you were close enough for long enough then you will be told to isolate. If, as is probably more likely, you walked past someone momentarily on the street or in the supermarket then you won’t.

Missandra Thu 08-Oct-20 17:19:45

Thanks all. I must admit I panicked a little when I first saw it. There’s been no further messages and there’s nothing in the app.

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Borderscotch Thu 08-Oct-20 17:35:12

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