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Further restrictions in Scotland tomorrow

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Malachite234 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:23:00

Any idea what’s to come?

She has ruled out schools closing, so I’m guessing it’s going to be closures of pubs and restaurants?

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combatbarbie Tue 06-Oct-20 19:25:13

I think she is boxing clever with her words. I do believe schools closing will be a last resort. However, when she says she won't tell us to stay home or restrict travel, I think she will shut down hospitality so actually people will stay at home and not travel.

Malachite234 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:27:22


I think this is going to be awful for the hospitality industry 🙁

I wonder if it will just be local closures though.

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combatbarbie Tue 06-Oct-20 19:42:10

They said from the start of easing, pubs would close before schools would so in that respect I understand her logic. However I'm guessing to furlough one sector is financially more viable than locking down the entire country?

covetingthepreciousthings Tue 06-Oct-20 19:47:57

Do you think they'll close hospitality, but keep non essential shops open?

combatbarbie Tue 06-Oct-20 19:55:31

I really have no idea. Hospitality makes sense. But she was very keen to point out the effects of isolation etc so maybe she thinks there is scope to keep shops open. Personally, as long as they don't close garden centres I think I'll cope. wink

Let's see what tomorrow brings.... I can't see her going back on what she has said today, that's not her style and think the plan is already in place, just not finalised. That said, the Scottish Sun is speculating... Still.... That a lockdown is imminent.

I have openly said we are now on a war of words. It will be a lockdown, but won't be a lockdown because it's not called a lock down, its called a circuit breaker.

Malachite234 Tue 06-Oct-20 19:56:35

I think a circuit breaker would have been a better idea. I really feel like NS is delaying the inevitable. I think if she closes hospitality people will congregate elsewhere or go abroad/ south of the border. People are just not as compliant as they were in March.

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combatbarbie Tue 06-Oct-20 20:06:38

People are just not as compliant as they were in March.

That goes for the whole of the UK and I think this is part of the number increase, yes schools/Unis probably have played a part but I think a large chunk is people just not being scared of it anymore. First time round it was almost as if the grim reaper was walking the streets, now the attitude is more "I'm likely to survive it so I don't care about rules" rather than: its not about YOU getting it, it's about who YOU pass it onto.

I know the social distancing at my work has basically gone out the window now unless the boss is around. I'm seeing more and more people mask less than before.

Rushjob Tue 06-Oct-20 20:16:02

If anything needs shutting down it’s McSturgeon.

Hopefully Simon Dolans latest legal action against the recent restrictions will make some impact.

futureal Tue 06-Oct-20 20:21:27

McSturgeon? That's a new one.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 06-Oct-20 20:22:42

I saw the BBC political guy earlier talking about closing licensed hospitality, plus tougher restrictions in Central Belt where cases are highest. Whether he knows that or it’s speculation, I don’t know. I do remember last time her basically saying she could be tougher on hospitality.

Devlesko Tue 06-Oct-20 20:25:32

Aw, my dsis is supposed to be going to Scotland on Thursday as her holiday to Crete was cancelled, she'll be gutted. sad

raviolidreaming Tue 06-Oct-20 20:37:51

Absolute pure speculation, but I think:

- indoor shopping centres will shut in hot spot areas
- Rangers v. Celtic will be cancelled
- If pubs / restaurants stay open then you'll only be able to go with people in your household or support bubble
- In hot spot areas, you can't mix outside your household or support bubble even outside

Malachite234 Tue 06-Oct-20 21:09:51


I can’t abide the SNP, but that aside I don’t think Dolan’s case will go anywhere.

I’m in the central belt and it’s seems obvious that educational institutions are where the virus is spreading from so even if they close down bars and restaurants - I don’t think it will dent the numbers much.

By closing hospitality it’s delaying the inevitable while crushing that industry.

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BBCONEANDTWO Tue 06-Oct-20 21:22:19

Pubs will close at 6pm.

Schools will stay open

No household mixing (as we are at the moment)

People to work from home

I hope that's all - but there isn't much difference if it is!

MissRabbitIsExhausted Tue 06-Oct-20 21:23:58

My guess is hospitality will stay open for now but you can only go with people in your own household.

Chickenandrice Tue 06-Oct-20 21:26:39

When she says schools won’t close do you think that rules out blended learning? They will stay fully open?

PinotLovesMomma Tue 06-Oct-20 21:30:01

Its hard to keep up with whose doing what these days.....are the restrictions put in England last week (10pm hospitality curfew with table service etc) already in place?
Anyone else think that more restrictions are being added without the chance of the latest restrictions to have any effect first?

randomsabreuse Tue 06-Oct-20 21:34:27

I reckon there will be local "movement restrictions" probably including Greater Glasgow (possibly not Inverclyde), Lanarkshire and possibly Edinburgh.

Hospitality possibly limited to take away only again.

Local restrictions on hospitality won't work unless combined with restrictions on travel!

combatbarbie Wed 07-Oct-20 15:47:49

Anyone else think the no alcohol indoors was genius.... I'm Ayrshire though so all closing.... centres will still be open though.... Silver linings and all that!!

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