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Anyone have their Summer 2021 holiday booked?

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WoolySock Wed 30-Sep-20 10:58:34

I know everything is uncertain, but wondering if anyone has their summer 2021 holiday booked?

Like a lot of people we’ve written off 2020 with cancellation after cancellation, be good to have something to look forward to if at all possible or is that just being too optimistic!


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pippistrelle Wed 30-Sep-20 11:09:19

Yes. But not a brand new one. We had a holiday booked for the beginning of July and when that didn't happen, we chose to roll the booking over to the same week next year. Obviously, no idea if it'll happen but I do look at pictures of the villa every now and then, and dream.

Buckwheat80 Wed 30-Sep-20 11:58:21

No. Waiting to see what the lie of the land is over winter and then will probably make a decision.

TheSeedsOfADream Wed 30-Sep-20 11:58:57

Yes. Next August, Berlin, Bergen and Copenhagen.
Probably will book a Tui beach week too, Santorini or Portugal I think.

Triangularbubble Wed 30-Sep-20 14:07:41

I have one trip booked but that only involves telling my relative which free week in their U.K. holiday home I would like! No way would I be booking anything abroad at this point or spending any money I would be upset if I lost. I have a couple of thoughts about where we might go if the situation dramatically improves by next summer, but I’m not booking anything until Spring.

Dollywilde Wed 30-Sep-20 14:10:20

I have a week in Santorini booked for late May. No idea if it’ll go ahead but:

- flights are cheap swapsies from our cancelled holiday this year, which I’d bought knowing I might have had to write off due to my pregnancy - so I’ve made my peace with losing that money if needed
- hotel is cancellable 2 weeks in advance so will make the call at the start of May
- it’s at the time my ML finished and DH’s SPL starts, so either way we’ll be off together
- still need to get the baby a passport so may yet have some hurdles! (Anyone got advice on taking a headshot for a 2 month old? grin )

Pachonga Wed 30-Sep-20 14:15:30

No, not booking anything and won’t for a while yet. I’d be surprised if things improve significantly enough to be able to fly and enjoy a holiday without worry or major restrictions, at least in the first half of 2021, maybe longer.

If things do dramatically change (widely-available vaccine, for example) then I’m sure it will be easy to grab something last minute.

MondeoFan Wed 30-Sep-20 14:17:19

No I'm just not sure what to do. I'm hoping by March we will have more of an idea to what is happening.

NeedWineNow Wed 30-Sep-20 14:18:34

Yes. We should have gone to Greece in August so we've rolled it over to the same time next year.

happytoday73 Wed 30-Sep-20 14:20:01

Yes package holiday for early in the summer school holidays... About to book a uk week as well...

RedskyAtnight Wed 30-Sep-20 14:21:02

Only because we had to move this year's holiday or we'd have lost money. Not necessarily expecting to go, but clearly too far away to tell!

Waxonwaxoff0 Wed 30-Sep-20 14:24:31

Yes. I also have one booked for February that I had to move from this year back in April. Not sure if I'll be able to go.

Petitmum Wed 30-Sep-20 14:35:07

I have just booked 4 return flights to Spain with British Airways for next July. They were a bargain and can be amended free of charge if need be.
I also have a villa booked which has free cancellation up to a few weeks before. We cancelled our trip to Spain this year, I hope we can go next year, it's nice to have something to look forwards to (although I'm keeping an open mind).

WoolySock Wed 30-Sep-20 14:37:36

Thanks everyone, agree it's too far away to tell, but good to know others are planning! Think we might just go for it, £200 deposit now balance due next July with free accommodation changes up to a week before departure and flights with BA so can flex 🤞🤞 to us all.

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WoolySock Wed 30-Sep-20 14:38:53

@Petitmum we crossed. So true something to look forward to for sure!

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40somethingJBJ Wed 30-Sep-20 16:42:35

I’ve got a Butlin’s holiday booked for July next year, moved from this year. Not planning on booking anything else. I’ve got a friend in Spain, so will see how things go and hopefully pop over to see her at some point.

IceCreamAndCandyfloss Wed 30-Sep-20 17:31:01

No, not booking until it’s safe to do everything we would normally do on a holiday. Hopeful for 2022 as the scientists have mentioned two years from memory.

gubbbbbddaaaa Wed 30-Sep-20 17:33:00

Yes , it's the one we didn't go
On last year transferred to next summer .. plus I've booked a holiday in this country in case so at least we get one holiday in 2 years hopefully .

halcyondays Wed 30-Sep-20 17:34:21

Yes but we had booked it before Covid.

garlictwist Wed 30-Sep-20 17:43:10

I usually don't book anything until a few weeks before so I will prob just do that. Would never book anything a year in advance even in non covid times.

Heyahun Wed 30-Sep-20 17:53:44

Yeah most booking now are refundable/changeable

I rebooked a Japan trip for September 2021 - can change the date of it anytime right up until August never year so no biggy

Got a great deal In British airways for Ibiza 2021 too so booked (only paid 75£ deposit - and again it’s cancelable/possible to change the date !

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