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Does this make sense from a virus point of view? Boarding schools.

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Janevaljane Tue 29-Sep-20 08:42:16

Thank you. Just heard that the boarders can return home at the weekend and mix with any siblings who are day kids (there are a couple).

But they can't mix on school premises.

I think I must be missing something.

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Sleepyblueocean Tue 29-Sep-20 06:58:28

I think it is a valid way of dealing with the situation but I think the same rules should apply to both groups in school hours so both wearing a lanyard and the same social distancing rules in 'school' time.
My son's special school has free mixing of day and boarders in each class 'bubble' but the classes are very small and the boarders bubbles don't mix on the residential side. So there is some 'cross bubbling' but it is limited.

Frostiesfortea Tue 29-Sep-20 03:12:57

At my sons school boarders are Kept complete separate from day students. They don’t mix at all. It’s a special needs school so only about 8 per class. The kids that board live together and learn together. They are termly boarder anyway and aren’t allowed home for weekends. He will be home half term but all students have to return in the same day.

Janevaljane Mon 28-Sep-20 14:42:17

im really sorry I've created two threads about this by mistake blush

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Janevaljane Mon 28-Sep-20 14:41:29


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Day pupils at boarding schools during covid 19 - does this make sense?3
Today 14:32Janevaljane

Day boys are being kept completely separate from boarders. They must eat in a seperate room (next to the boarders so they can see their friends but not interact with them). They must enter classrooms after the boarders and sit at the front of the class. They can't do PE together. They muat wear a coloured lanyard to show they are day and not boarders. The boarders don't have to socially distance in their bubbles.

And yet the boarders are allowed home for the weekend and into town during the week, and obviously going home at half term.

Does this make sense from a virus point of view?

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