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If you're in local lockdown are your numbers starting to go down?

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Putmynewshoeson Sun 27-Sep-20 22:54:11

I'm seeing lots of people on other threads say they are in lockdown but numbers going up just wondered if this was the case across most local lockdowns?

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Pickagoddamnname Sun 27-Sep-20 22:55:58

The local lockdowns have only happened in the last week haven’t they? I’m assuming you mean in Wales?

middleager Sun 27-Sep-20 22:56:34

Birmingham. Numbers and deaths rising.
Not surprised as poor compliance in many areas.

Northernsoullover Sun 27-Sep-20 22:58:32

They seem to be in Caerphilly.

georgedawes Sun 27-Sep-20 23:19:48

Greater Manchester has had restrictions all summer pretty much and numbers are increasing a lot.

Pickagoddamnname Sun 27-Sep-20 23:25:16

I suspect with Greater Manchester it’s because people from areas of high incidence are travelling to other areas. Many of my colleagues in Bolton have been enjoying many a night out in Manchester and Bury whilst the Bolton pubs are shut. Ditto for Lancashire where numbers are also rising.

N0rthern Sun 27-Sep-20 23:26:09

Calderdale rates have been rising dramatically this week. Now at 86/100,000 was 44/100,000 on 13.8.20 and after 2 weeks of local restrictions. Neighbouring local authority Burnley has the highest in the country at 228 /100,000

PickAChew Sun 27-Sep-20 23:27:01

NE. No, but it's only been a week. The part of South Shields that was really bad is no longer dark blue on the map, though.

moominmomma1234 Mon 28-Sep-20 05:18:07

Been on restrictions in Lancashire since July , rates are going through the roof this week , bizarrely the council reduced the testing stations from 7 days a week to 5 days a week because they cannot cope with demand . So I think rates yesterday were a bit lower due to stations shut thur and fri

GingerandTilly Mon 28-Sep-20 05:29:20

No but not really surprising because kids are still at school, pubs are still open, lots of non essential activities are still taking place. When your r rate is 1.5 (like ours is) this half baked approach was never going to work. We would need a proper lockdown to make a difference not one where we can’t see other households unless we’re in a pub.

RepeatSwan Mon 28-Sep-20 05:41:15

Numbers are not going down in NW, the local lockdown is pretty weak. Loads of transmission will be happening in school a d workplaces as they are open.

Like everything this fucking government does, 'local lockdown' is a slogan, not a real policy angry

It's basically every person for themselves now.

Bickles Mon 28-Sep-20 06:06:38

Bradford- been on local restrictions since 1st August. Numbers keep going up.

RepeatSwan Mon 28-Sep-20 06:10:41


Bradford- been on local restrictions since 1st August. Numbers keep going up.

angry sad

'numbers keep going up' and the government does nothing.

x2boys Mon 28-Sep-20 07:00:27

What can the government do when people refuse to comply though @RepeatSwan? I'm in Bolton the reason our rates are still so high is because people are doing what they want ,it's all a conspiracy,and people are testing positive with common cold,s according to some idiots on the comments section on the Bolton news it's depressing.

SoUtterlyGroundDown Mon 28-Sep-20 07:05:13


The local lockdowns have only happened in the last week haven’t they? I’m assuming you mean in Wales?

Why are you assuming Wales?
Leicester has been in local lockdown for months. It has eased slightly but household mixing still isn’t allowed. Numbers have dropped but are still fairly high.
Parts of Greater Manchester have been in local lockdown for weeks/months too.

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Sep-20 07:11:08

I'm in the North East and we've been in local lockdown for just over a week now.
It's the North of the region but I think the south might be about to join us.

Junglerum Mon 28-Sep-20 07:15:30

NW I work in the current highest area. Mask compliance is very low, certain demographics are even bold enough to say ‘we don’t wear masks’ when challenged. Pubs closing won’t make a difference as groups of people just go into someone’s house til all hours. I’m not convinced our problem is schools as the schools seem to be doing ok, NW seems to be community/household transmission ie lots of multi generational households having 5/6 cases per house.

ChristmasinJune Mon 28-Sep-20 07:17:47

The local lockdowns are a joke and many people are ignoring them so no, numbers are rising fast.

The problem is, the things that are banned IE mixing in homes and gardens, can't be effectively policed. They have no idea if people travel to a non-locked down area to party. They can't control it and people aren't willing to take responsibility for controlling themselves. So where does that leave us?

I suspect that my area (Merseyside) is headed for a full lockdown including school closures. No real evidence for this just snippets that I've picked up on plus the numbers are rising scarily fast.

Popcornriver Mon 28-Sep-20 07:26:42

To get the numbers to actually start going down the government needs to actually get these areas to lockdown. Everything is normal except from not being able to socialise with family/friends. Still go to work, go to school, spend money, go out for a meal, leave along with everyone else at ten.

Yeah some people are flouting the rules. A lot of them will continue doing what they want regardless of a fine but the government should have reacted better to the rising numbers. It's them I'll blame when our hospital staff have to focus entirely on covid patients again and we start seeing rises in deaths.

The 7 week average for infections, admissions and deaths is already on the rise. Everything was opened too much and too soon. The government needs to stop it getting out of hand again.

PleasantVille Mon 28-Sep-20 07:27:05

Places aren't locked down so unless there is very strict enforcement it will take a long time to see noticable reductions imo

RepeatSwan Mon 28-Sep-20 09:01:03

certain demographics are even bold enough to say ‘we don’t wear masks’ when challenged

Which 'demographics' do you refer to?

Junglerum Mon 28-Sep-20 20:52:29

In our local lockdown area, south Asian males approx 18-40 are often refusing to wear masks. This has been noted by both the local authority and by the business improvement district. May have nothing to do with the spread as the effectiveness of masks is still up for debate but it doesn’t help when you are running a business and customers who are wearing masks are commenting constantly

Notashandyta Mon 28-Sep-20 21:04:41

As pp said, they are here in Caerphilly
Think the welsh are more likely to follow the rules (I'm English, husband Welsh)

Dominic cummings has alot to answer for I think

30ishiwish Mon 28-Sep-20 21:54:29

I’m in an area with very high numbers. We’ve been in lockdown for a number of weeks, yet numbers continue to rise.

What does lockdown actually mean in reality? Pubs and restaurants closed in the local area, we are unable to meet friends and family from other households BUT we can if we need to use them for childcare/care etc. We can still drive to other areas to eat out. It’s hardly ‘lockdown’.

Nearby, on the same road, one restaurant is closed yet next door, another restaurant (under a different local authority) is open as usual. They are doing a roaring trade. It’s bonkers.

Blownaway1 Mon 28-Sep-20 22:12:46

NW. very low compliance in certain areas. Lots just don’t give a shit, won’t wear masks, photos all over social media of friends all lined up hugging each other out in bars etc etc. I really can’t see rates going down here anytime soon.

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