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Marks & Spencer Hand Sanitiser

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Tangfastica Sun 27-Sep-20 13:30:10

Just wanted to say how lovely it smells 😊 Kept walking past people today who smelled really nice... I realised that it was the M&S gel after I went in and out of the shop! It's lovely!!! 😂

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wendz86 Sun 27-Sep-20 13:33:54

I know I went to the cafe a few weeks back and kept smelling it for ages after , lovely !

SuzieCarmichael Sun 27-Sep-20 13:37:18

Yes!! Definitely the nicest I’ve used. They should sell individual bottles of it!

Augustbreeze Sun 27-Sep-20 14:07:18

It's gorgeous isn't it?! Presumably one of their own varieties?

Catawaul Sun 27-Sep-20 14:08:38

I thought this too!

dollymoo Sun 27-Sep-20 14:10:29

Same it is the nicest smelling by far.

On the other hand has anyone smelt Primarks it made me nearly sick thank god for the mask as it was vile stuff.

BradleyCooperwillbemine Sun 27-Sep-20 14:13:46

No, no, no,no - its vile! I used it last week and couldn't get rid of the smell until the following day. Its like something you clean the toilet with.
The whole car stank of it on the way home.

Tangfastica Sun 27-Sep-20 14:17:39

Reminds me of their percy pigs 😊

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Char2015 Sun 27-Sep-20 14:19:29

I've not tried it but my Mum says it doesn't smell very nice and is very strong.

Purpledaisychain Sun 27-Sep-20 14:24:39


The M&S food court near me does sell individual bottles of it. Has done since the middle of lockdown.

Purpledaisychain Sun 27-Sep-20 14:27:40


The M&S I go to use a communal one that's like vinegar for members of the public entering the shop, but the individual ones that they sell smell really nice. From the sounds of it, some M&S stores are putting the nice smelling one into their own sanitizer dispensers and others aren't.

TheOrchidKiller Sun 27-Sep-20 14:30:51

I liked it the first few times but now it's over-powering, & even after re-gelling in other shops I can still smell it, even with a mask on. It's a bit off-putting if eating or drinking. It only really goes with soap & water.

But at least it isn't sticky like some.

Verite1 Sun 27-Sep-20 14:33:16

I think it’s disgusting and if transfers onto everything!

CrunchyNutNC Sun 27-Sep-20 14:34:06

No, it gives me a bit of a headache, not a fan of strong smells especially if not optional!

Flamingosarentreal Sun 27-Sep-20 14:34:26

dd says it smells of old people grin

AgnesCastors Sun 27-Sep-20 14:38:18

Christ no! Migraine inducing stuff! As well as sticky and gloopy. It made me wonder if it had a decent amount of alcohol in it or not.

iMatter Sun 27-Sep-20 15:17:00

It awful

Really overpowering

Makes everything stink

SuzieCarmichael Sun 27-Sep-20 15:19:59

@Purpledaisychain oh thanks I will have to have a look! I don’t suppose you can remember exactly what it was called? Sounds as though there is more than one type of M&S sanitiser judging by this thread and I don’t want to get the other one by accident!

SuzieCarmichael Sun 27-Sep-20 15:21:02

The one I like isn’t sticky and gloopy - it’s very liquid, feels v high alcohol content. Kinda floral fragrance. Is that the one that the rest of you are talking about?

ThomasHardyPerennial Sun 27-Sep-20 15:23:22

Primark's smells like off milk to me.

MrsGrindah Sun 27-Sep-20 15:25:26

Nooo! It smells a bit vomity to me and therefore makes me feel sick.

stella47 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:26:32

Oh, I wonder if they've changed it? I've been avoiding it because the smell was so overpowering, I had to stop the car to wash it off!

CooperLooper Sun 27-Sep-20 15:39:27

Oh god I washed my hands 3 times and couldn't get rid of the smell. Awful!

Yellowmellow2 Sun 27-Sep-20 15:56:52

I really like it too!

Cornettoninja Sun 27-Sep-20 16:10:41

@Tangfastica - thank you for the most Mumsnet covid thread I’ve seen so far! You have made me smile grinflowers

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