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Genuine question. What would it mean for future decision making if the Government don't extend the coronavirus act?

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LivinLaVidaLoki Sat 26-Sep-20 10:05:14

Just that really.
I don't completely understand the situation regarding this, but lately I have seen many news articles about opposition to the extension of the coronavirus act.
So just wondered if anyone could explain what that would mean, if it didn't get voted through again?

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Rushjob Sat 26-Sep-20 10:13:28

It’ll get extended as they won’t what to lose the powers they have.

Effectively it means all of the restrictions etc become unenforceable and things could return to normal.

What the back benchers need to ensure is that it’s amended so that any changes to restrictions are debated by parliament and voted on the current dictatorship from the Government isn’t good and is leading towards a fascist state.

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