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Nellodee Fri 25-Sep-20 00:02:05

We seem to have way more cases of tonsillitis at my school than usual. Every class seems to have a kid who is off with it. Is this just code for “My kids has Corona symptoms, but I don’t want to have to isolate” or is there something else going on? Or is it just a coincidence and now I’ve noticed it, I’m noticing it more?

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voxnihili Fri 25-Sep-20 05:39:46

My whole family had Covid symptoms just before Christmas. We’re convinced it was Covid as we’ve never had anything like it before. I was the only one who didn’t have the same symptoms but instead had horrendous tonsillitis. 6 weeks of antibiotics didn’t shift it and my doctor sent a sample off to the hospital for testing - but they couldn’t work out what had caused it. I get tonsillitis fairly regularly but have never felt so ill with it, and usually over it within a week. Also had conjunctivitis at the same time. It has made me wonder if it could be a symptom in some people.

yawnsvillex Fri 25-Sep-20 05:47:40

It's all bloody hand washing, disinfecting etc ... nobody has any tolerance to normal virus / bacteria going around.

Mindymomo Fri 25-Sep-20 06:07:17

I think due to lockdown children were not catching any virus that was going around, so it seems that as soon as they went back to school, they were picking everything up that was going around. My son used to suffer 3 bouts of tonsillitis each year. I also think not being able to see GP face to face, that they are giving out prescriptions for antibiotics as a first call.

Flamingolingo Fri 25-Sep-20 06:10:26

I had what I’m pretty sure was covid in February. Perfect symptom match, very unwell. But it started with what I thought was going to be tonsillitis (I’m a chronic sufferer). I even had a few white spots, and although I had a slightly raised fever, the big fever and delirium didn’t come. The spots abated after a couple of days and the illness moved down into my chest where it lingered for about 4 weeks.

middleager Fri 25-Sep-20 06:18:16

I had a terrible bout of what I assumed might be tonsillitis at the end of March. I do get tonsillitis from time to time, but the fever with this one knocked me flat for days

However, it was on the back of my teen being ill for 2 days with a high fever. He had been skiing in italy 3 weeks previously with school.

We don't know what we had, but I'd like to see more on the symptoms for CV as I've read about positive cases of people with seemingly sore throats/tonsillitis that turnsd out to be CV. I think they might have been among the symptoms cited by the CDC?

FippertyGibbett Fri 25-Sep-20 06:19:52

I had tonsillitis at the beginning of lockdown and was sent for a test which was negative.
I don’t get it regularly, must be 20+ years since I last had it.

CKBJ Fri 25-Sep-20 06:31:21

Several off with tonsillitis in my ds primary class think yesterday it was 5. My ds at secondary best friend very poorly with it too. I can only assume it’s because children haven’t been together for so long

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