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Little things you're doing to help you cope

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ifonly4 Thu 24-Sep-20 18:23:50

There are times when this is doing my head in, so just wondering what others are doing to get them through this.

I'm really trying to appreciate what I have, my home and family, lovely grass areas like gardens, the parks. I love reading, so have 10 books lined up I really want to read. I've taken this as an opportunity to get fitter, hill walking, cycling and just found a free online course that suits me for yoga. I can start a jigsaw and spend all day doing it - I have about ten that I circulate. DH and I have always loved eating out, just the pub - we're a bit paranoid and takes dettol wipes (yes I know) but it makes us feel more comfortable. Regularly contact with friends, whether a SD coffee, walk or zoom. Also, DH and I have agreed to try new recipes every week, so I have two fish recipes lined up to try - over to him for some more options!

Just wondering what's getting others through.

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Ihatesandwiches Thu 24-Sep-20 18:25:38

Hot water bottles and our kitten. Plus Netflix!

CrunchyCarrot Thu 24-Sep-20 18:33:59

Two new kittens, short walks, doing art (badly but who cares!), reading, gaming, cooking, learning Welsh. That's kept me pretty busy, plus in the evenings catching up with a lot of TV series we missed.

Cloudburstagain Thu 24-Sep-20 18:44:24

Getting into my pj’s with a hot water bottle and duvet and a good book as soon as I can!

SistemaAddict Thu 24-Sep-20 18:49:17

Baking and planning at-home Christmas things so I have something to look forward to.

zombielady Thu 24-Sep-20 18:51:55

Jigsaws, zombie books, wine.

Holothane Thu 24-Sep-20 18:55:31

Books lots of planning financial pots will start growing next week finally at last. Christmas planning buying or thinking of little presents at the moment.

Jrobhatch29 Thu 24-Sep-20 18:58:46

I had a baby in May and she's keeping me smiling along with her brothers. There's nothing like baby cuddles.
Also Pyjamas, netflix and nice food. I've ordered myself the disney cross stitch magazine too haha!

LindaEllen Thu 24-Sep-20 19:00:32

I bought a Nintendo Switch. Now I'm a fully grown adult, tending to my virtual island daily, and I love it.

Palavah Thu 24-Sep-20 19:01:52

Gratitude. Lovely neighbours. Cake. Netflix.

mosscarpet Thu 24-Sep-20 19:35:14

I am finding a lot of joy in little things.
I have bought a new wool duvet which is awesome.
Today I bought new slippers and an autumn cented candle.
I'm loving my veg patch.
Back to enjoying running.
Always have a good book on the go.

I have been working throughout, and super busy (NHS) so these little things at the end of the day are really helping to keep me going.

Jrobhatch29 Thu 24-Sep-20 19:36:41


I bought a Nintendo Switch. Now I'm a fully grown adult, tending to my virtual island daily, and I love it.

This made me laugh. Enjoy your island!

rosie39forever Thu 24-Sep-20 19:45:20


🤣 I bough a Nintendo switch too and have been sweating my guts out on ringfit adventure, I'm a little bit addicted !!

Friendsoftheearth Thu 24-Sep-20 19:45:51

The MP's wife book
Spring bulb order
Patio heater
Fireworks plan

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