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Will they ask for evidence of bubbles?

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Cornwallscones Thu 24-Sep-20 12:12:26

This is a genuine question and I am following the rules.
We live in a local lockdown area.
My close friend lives alone and doesn’t have any family in the area so she’s decided to form a bubble with me.
We want to go out tomorrow evening for a drink. It says on our council website that they ‘strongly advise’ you don’t go to indoor public venues with somebody you don’t live with or who isn’t in your bubble.
I’m genuinely worried and wondering whether they will ask for evidence that we are in a bubble together. But I’m trying to work out what evidence that would be?!

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Blue565 Thu 24-Sep-20 12:16:54

No you don't need to provide evidence, if they don't believe you then it's tough on them as you are following guidelines.

Also - strongly advise is not "do not" so you should be fine

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