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Face masks

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Fawnfour Wed 23-Sep-20 21:04:10

I thought all retail staff needed to wear face masks, or am I wrong? Most of the staff in Asda didnt have them on today.
I can understand that staff are working 8 -10 hours, so It is different for us just popping in and out of the shop, but i thought it was one of the new restrictions, or am i wrong?

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Ifailed Wed 23-Sep-20 21:04:45


ginsparkles Wed 23-Sep-20 21:06:01

New guidelines come into force tomorrow. We have been in ours today though. But if I am behind my Perspex screen I don't have to wear it.

dementedpixie Wed 23-Sep-20 21:06:05

It says its from Thursday

dementedpixie Wed 23-Sep-20 21:06:58

Although I'm in Scotland and most shop staff wear them already unless they are behind screens

ilovemycatanddog Wed 23-Sep-20 21:09:53

Yes all retail and hospitality staff have to wear masks unless they are exempt, which I am. So today I have been getting rude remarks and even told off by customers for not wearing a mask.

I wish all this would just end

dementedpixie Wed 23-Sep-20 21:12:34

I've seen some exempt staff wearing sunflower lanyards so that they don't get as much abuse

HeresMe Wed 23-Sep-20 21:14:38

This an another instance of people thinking they know rules and they don't, they said Thursday, a quick Google would have told you.

Fawnfour Wed 23-Sep-20 22:24:00

Alright HeresMe, no need to be rude!
It was only a question

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Fawnfour Wed 23-Sep-20 22:24:48

Thanks guys

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Bookrat Wed 23-Sep-20 22:32:31

ilovemycatanddog that's horrible. Sorry to hear that you are being treated so badly. flowers

ilovemycatanddog Wed 23-Sep-20 23:36:24

@Bookrat it's okay, I work in hospitality so we get used to abuse 😂

HeIenaDove Thu 24-Sep-20 00:17:57

@ilovemycatanddog im really sorry to hear that. I got in a Twitter spat about how it would be problematic for supermarket workers to wear masks.

Here are just some of the replies i got.

Some copy and pastes.

"Then retail staff should suck it up, wear one and be grateful they have their jobs as another lockdown will mean thousands will lose their job"

"I was clapping for the NHS, not for Karen who’s been sat behind a Perspex screen scanning my groceries at the till"

"Do you suggest that anyone who wants shouldn't follow the rules? Because if you are a disabled person with a condition that means you can't wear a mask for a limited time in a shop; well...........who is the most likely to die from allowing more spread of the virus"

"Article makes about as much sense as the average TRA spiel. We're all having to make massive sacrifices. The tiny minority of disabled people who actually can't wear a mask can carry a letter from their doctors to explain the situation. Life is hard; particularly in a pandemic"

"Then I think for their own protection, they need a scarlet letter. Because 'winter is coming'. And the measures announced earlier are a joke. No way will it counter kids in school, and students in uni. Two demos not known for their maturity. Sink or swim is govt. message"

HeIenaDove Thu 24-Sep-20 00:18:29

Clap for key workers has become crap on key workers.

Vivana Thu 24-Sep-20 00:27:46

Abuse is a daily occurancw in retail. I've taken my fairshare and sick of it now. I've got job interviews for other jobs not in retail and not around the public.
Those of us who have worked in retail and hospitality deserve a medal

Vivana Thu 24-Sep-20 00:30:54


People have no clue. Jobs in supermarkets are not safe my company have just made 590 and counting jobs redundant and keep cutting hours

HeIenaDove Thu 24-Sep-20 00:31:16

yes you do flowers

HeIenaDove Thu 24-Sep-20 00:35:07

Back in April on this board i predicted that attitudes to retail workers would revert back to type post pandemic. But it has happened much sooner than i thought.

Vivana Thu 24-Sep-20 00:40:38

likeamillpond Thu 24-Sep-20 16:40:37

People are thourougky confused.
I went into a kiosk to pay for fuel today and there was a group of 5 teenagersin school uniform of about 13 to 14 yrs old. None were wearing masks. They left and another group of schoolchildren came in. No masks either.!
There s no way they would ALLl have asthma.

People taking the piss are giving genuine exempt people a bad name.

HeIenaDove Thu 24-Sep-20 21:30:58

If you have a chauffer driven car you are exempt.

Warms the cockles of my heart how all in this together we are.

HeIenaDove Fri 25-Sep-20 20:23:19

Asda mask row: Man with dementia 'told to leave shop'
By Greig Watson

A woman has said she was shocked at being told to leave an Asda supermarket because her partner, who has dementia, was not wearing a mask.
Amanda Jeffrey said she was immediately challenged when the couple went into her local branch.
Staff refused to accept a "hidden disability" card carried by the couple and ordered them out of the shop.
Asda has apologised to the couple and promised they will not be challenged again.

Asda recently announced it would enforce rules on face coverings more strictly.
Mrs Jeffrey said she went into her local branch in Arnold, Nottinghamshire, on Thursday morning with her partner, Aubrey Green.
She said: "I've been getting treatment for cancer and Aubrey was diagnosed with dementia last year, so I've been sheltering.
"But we have been out a few times and not had a problem before.
"But as soon as we went through the doors a member of staff shouted over: 'Why aren't you wearing a mask?

"I was so surprised I thought they were talking to someone else.
"Once I realised it was us I said we had a hidden disability card but they said that wasn't accepted and I needed a letter from the GP.
"And all this was shouted over us, not discussed with a bit of basic courtesy".
Latest news and stories from the East Midlands
The couple left but Mrs Jeffrey said their treatment had a disturbing effect.
"I was shocked but Aubrey was left confused and agitated.
"He couldn't understand what we had done wrong and was really upset."
In a statement Asda said its staff "are fully trained to follow the latest government guidance".
"[They] will politely ask all customers to wear a face covering, unless they have a reason not to," a spokesman said.
"Clearly we got it wrong on this occasion and we have spoken to Ms Jeffrey to apologise for her experience.

Vivana Sat 26-Sep-20 12:05:46

Jobsworth some people in supermarkets and I work in one

HeIenaDove Sun 27-Sep-20 00:44:02

Shopper's plea from the heart after screaming face mask row in Sainsbury’s
"I don’t wear a mask for a reason, you don’t know my reason, so maybe think before you have a go"

A woman has apologised and asked for understanding after swearing at another shopper who had a go at her for not wearing a face mask in a Sainsbury’s.

Alice Speller, who has complex post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a possible borderline personality disorder, took to social media to apologise for her angry outburst. But she also asked for others to be more understanding of those who are exempt from wearing face masks.

Alice, who visited the store with her husband Terry, wrote: “I went to our local Sainsbury’s today, it’s not easy for me to do this, anxiety is high for me, just the mere thought of having to go.

"Fear of judgement from others, as I cannot wear a mask, my husband has to take a good while reassuring me, convincing me I will be fine. Walking into store, I try and focus on getting through the shop with no major issues.

“I hear over the tannoy kind words stating be aware that not all can wear masks, to be kind, etc. Finally some consideration to those who do have issues, whether it’s mental health or others.”

Alice sneezed twice into the arm of her coat while in the store, Cornwall Live reports.
She added: “Finishing up the shopping, heading to the checkout, paying for the items, I turn to see a furious face inches from mine. My anxiety kicks in, too close, I don’t do people too close, my heart skips a beat, as she yells in my face: ‘If you can’t be bothered to wear a mask at least cover your mouth with a hanky when you sneeze.’

“I reply I had used my sleeve and hand, my coat was slightly damp, she shouted: ‘No you didn’t and not to be so rude.’ She uttered other words, but I couldn’t hear,

“My fight mode kicked in, I shouted back, I felt a panic attack kicking in, I screamed at her to not judge when she doesn’t know me, as she walked away her head held high, as people stopped and stared, as the tears started to run down my face, I hope whoever you are, that you are proud of your two minutes of shouting into a woman’s face, not knowing her.

“Kind words would have gone much further, but instead you went into full attack. Maybe Covid scares you, maybe you have been affected by it, but that still gives you no right to scream at another so close, but you obviously can’t be too worried, as you were so close, the two metre rule didn’t exist, your mask wasn’t fully up either.

I don’t wear a mask for a reason, you don’t know my reason, so maybe think before you have a go, If you had walked over to me, and said kindly, I saw you sneeze and you didn’t see you use a hanky, is everything OK, etc, we could have had a chat, but you didn’t.”

Alice, from Bodmin, said: “My husband has since spoken to the store, to apologise for my outburst, wanted to make it known that I know I was wrong and to say sorry, but they didn’t care for that, all they cared for was whether I was OK.

“I’m fine, but I’m not OK.”

Terry told Cornwall Live after the incident: “We have decided to speak out to help other people who are suffering.

“We understand the rules and how things are. I wear a mask when we’re out, and if I see a family and one of them isn’t wearing a mask, I automatically assume there is a reason.

“I don’t judge and I wouldn’t want anyone judging my wife.”

He added that even leaving the house is a struggle for Alice. She can only manage it if she is accompanied by Terry or one of their four children.

“Going into a supermarket heightens her anxiety as she has a fear of being in big groups of people. So she was already on edge. If this woman had an issue, she could have just said, ‘excuse me, can I have a word?’ but she was instantly in her face and Alice’s anxiety went through the roof.

“All the attention and focus on my wife led to a panic attack and she did react and swear at the woman.”

Terry said that the store was very appreciative and supportive when he apologised for the incident.

“She was embarrassed and it’s made her more cautious to go out.
He stressed that others should consider that some people may have endured traumatic incidents where their faces have been covered, meaning wearing a face mask or shield can bring on negative feelings.
Following the incident on Tuesday, Alice took to Facebook to apologise to the woman she shouted at.

“This morning I had a public outburst and I wish to apologise to anyone who witnessed it. I don’t feel proud of what I did, but sometimes you simply cannot control a reaction to a situation.
If the lady who approached me is on social media, or if anyone knows her, as I am sure she may mention to someone about a crazy lady screaming at her, please can she read this [Alice’s explanation as featured above].”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are asking everyone to continue playing their part in helping us to keep everyone safe in our stores. Posters are displayed inside and outside our stores and there are regular tannoy announcements asking customers to wear face coverings but also be considerate of those who may not be able to wear one.”

Buggerhell00 Sun 27-Sep-20 03:30:40
Government made a u turn for staff behind a physical barrier like a perspex screen.

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