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Is this really it until March 2021?

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mummabear1967 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:31:15

So, these new restrictions will last until March next year - 6 months from now.

Is there even a guarantee that things will even be better by March next year?

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annabel85 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:33:54

I'd wrote off winter pretty much since this kicked off, my concern is over what happens from spring.

I'd imagine things will start to open up again but very gradually.

covetingthepreciousthings Tue 22-Sep-20 19:35:22

I'm starting to thing at this rate we'll be writing off spring 2021 aswell sad

SerenadeOfTheSchoolRun Tue 22-Sep-20 19:38:03

May be there will be a vaccine by next March, maybe the warm weather next spring and summer will help. I think the restrictions will get worse before they get better sadly.

BabyLlamaZen Tue 22-Sep-20 19:40:42

Had also written off winter since around May. Also worried about what happens next. Life after spring, I don't know. It sort of scares me? If feels so unknown.

blimppy Tue 22-Sep-20 19:40:58

I fear it might be like this, or worse, well beyond March 2021. We still don't know there will be a vaccine, how effective it would be or how quickly it can be rolled out. Personally, I doubt the ability of this government to deliver my morning newspaper, let alone a national vaccination campaign! I'm sure we will see some relaxations next summer again, but would not be entirely surprised if we end up back here next Autumn.

annabel85 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:41:25


I'm starting to thing at this rate we'll be writing off spring 2021 aswell sad

There's only so long people will put up with it though. I'll lockdown for the winter, it doesn't bother me too much, but loads are already extremely pissed off.

If the 6 months gets extended there'll potential for real civil unrest.

Catsarelush Tue 22-Sep-20 19:42:59

I just read that Spanish flu lasted just under two years so I’m trying to get my head round that.

The80sweregreat Tue 22-Sep-20 19:43:25

They will find a vaccine soon and maybe by next spring things will be a lot better.
One day at a time is all any of us can do really.

GRain5 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:45:46

This is going to bankrupt the country. Bleak

Emma1962 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:46:08

Totally agree with you @annabel85 I think after 12 months of this people will want to get back to a bit more normality & will start to speak out. We can’t stay like this for ever. It’s no good for us or the economy.

mooshie06 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:48:02

I’ve been quite positive in my outlook but the 6 month thing today, although not unexpected, has really sent me on a downer. I do think we will likely have a vaccination next spring but I’m thinking it will be summer for us to be back in the swing of things again. It feels a long way away at the minute and I hate it x

ragged Tue 22-Sep-20 19:48:09

No guarantee that things will even be better by March next year.

We had an amazing spring 2020 (weather wise). Can't see that repeating in 2021.

whatswithtodaytoday Tue 22-Sep-20 19:48:46

It's expected that there will be a vaccine by spring. If there isn't then yes, I guess we will be back here next year... though if we don't lockdown fully it will have run through more of the population by then.

I am currently optimistic that at least NHS workers and the vulnerable will be vaccinated by summer next year. It's utterly shit but that doesn't stop it being reality. I'm so sad for my parents more than anything, they're mid-70s and starting to feel their age, they're missing their only grandchild growing up, who knows how they'll be once things are safe enough for them to join real life again.

Lilybet1980 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:49:08

Personally, I doubt the ability of this government to deliver my morning newspaper, let alone a national vaccination campaign


There’s already a shortage of flu vaccine despite the fanfare of the biggest flu programme ever.

Lilybet1980 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:51:19

I’m more frightened of the economic outlook and the prospect of civil unrest and rioting in the streets than I am of any of my family catching Covid.

janetmendoza Tue 22-Sep-20 19:53:11

Oh come on mummabear1967... we have known for ages that this was going to be a terrible and restricted winter. All to the good if there is a vaccine early next year, otherwise I guess we will see restrictions being lifted come the good weather.

WickedEmoji Tue 22-Sep-20 19:53:35

The thing is, this will become standard. By March we will have been wearing masks so long we wont even think of it as a thing anymore?

frozendaisy Tue 22-Sep-20 19:54:28

It's going to get worse before it gets better, assuming it gets better.

Racoonworld Tue 22-Sep-20 19:56:41

Yes this is it until spring, and restrictions likely to get tighter. Very much doubt it will go in longer then that though as people won’t put up with it for longer.

CalmYoBadSelf Tue 22-Sep-20 19:56:56

We will either find a vaccine, a treatment or better ways to live with it. Until then we just have to make the best of things

Jessuk86 Tue 22-Sep-20 19:57:11

It’s horrible I haven’t seen my grandma since before this all started and she is in a care home we normally all visit about once a month and quite often take her out for lunch and she’s not even been allowed proper visits since the initial lockdown and I can’t bring my toddlers as they won’t socially distance it really upsets me that the reality is she may never see them again 😞

Catsarelush Tue 22-Sep-20 19:57:13

At the start of lockdown there was hope of a vaccine by September.

The worsening picture in the last few weeks have taken me by surprise as there was some semblance of real life emerging.

Yorkshiredolls Tue 22-Sep-20 19:59:31

Oh come on did you really believe him When he said that things would be better by christmas?

ragged Tue 22-Sep-20 20:15:19

What kind of vaccine...
Will it be a vaccine that prevents...

any infection? And for how long?
severe illness - but in how many of us, just some or all recipients?

Will the efficacy vary with obesity or in other key demographic groups, like the elderly ?

How often will we need boosters?

I honestly don't know what it means, how we will know, "when" we have a vaccine.

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