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Ridiculous inconsistent mask wearing rules in shops....

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Derbygerbil Mon 21-Sep-20 22:15:38

So, if I’m a member of the public, I need to wear a mask (if I can). If I’m a member of staff, I don’t, and can move around shouting to other staff members and make limited, if any, attempts to socially distance. At least, that was my experience in Waitrose the other day.

I’m personally not overly concerned about masks in supermarkets as I think the risk is pretty low, but surely either:

a) the risk is negligible enough that masks don’t need to be mandated in shops;


b) the risks are significant enough for masks to be mandated (for those that can) by those moving around the shop floor.

Shop workers aren’t immune from having the virus. In fact, given they work as a team that doesn’t seem to socially distance, their risk of being infected would seem higher than a formerly shielded shopper who’s trying to be ultra careful.

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Itsabeautifuldayheyhey Mon 21-Sep-20 22:31:42

I totally agree. Staff in shops should wear masks too.

bevelino Mon 21-Sep-20 23:26:53

The wearing of masks appears to be optional. It certainly isn’t enforced in supermarkets or public transport in London.

Gigglr Mon 21-Sep-20 23:43:24

Totally agree. It's ludicrous.

AlecTrevelyan006 Mon 21-Sep-20 23:46:14

The easiest way to get consistency is to ban the wearing of face coverings in shops

CatRamsey Mon 21-Sep-20 23:48:38

The difference is the shop workers are there all day. Wearing a mask for an 8 hour shift is very different than wearing one to do a weekly shop.

indemMUND Mon 21-Sep-20 23:52:18

Or yknow wearing a mask protects others not you. So with a steady flow of constant potential exposure would you like to wear a mask during your whole shift which isn't in a medical setting? How much time per day do you spend with a shop worker spreading their potential infection close to you? How many times a day would you like them to change their masks given the ratio of members of the public?
Get your shopping delivered if this issue causes you so much distress.

nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Mon 21-Sep-20 23:53:38

Wearing a mask for 10 minutes to shop is very different from wearing one for 10 hours doing hard manual labour.

LH1987 Tue 22-Sep-20 00:45:01

With so many customers refusing to wear masks, it’s difficult to judge the shop workers.

IDontDrinkTea Tue 22-Sep-20 00:48:38

NHS staff wear full ppe for 13 hour shifts. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect shop staff to wear a face covering

notsodimwit Tue 22-Sep-20 04:55:06

I agree that wearing a mouth and nose mask is a tad uncomfortable 😷 but what about those clear face shields? Every one can do their bit!

DamitJanet Tue 22-Sep-20 06:06:53

Isn’t it more that the government didn’t want to involved themselves in enforcing something that changed working conditions, and risk being sued further down the line. Complete cop out of course, and they could’ve at least been stronger in recommending them.

Dauphinois Tue 22-Sep-20 06:19:07

I think it's all to do with test and trace.

Employers know who their staff are and their contact details can be passed on to t&t.

Customers don't sign in so are uncontactable, so mitigating measures are required.

That's why you have to sign in to pubs etc but not shops.

Nyclair Tue 22-Sep-20 06:20:55

Masks should be mandatory for everyone.

FourPlasticRings Tue 22-Sep-20 06:27:59

Maybe they have asthma or something? Though to be fair, I'm pretty sure they don't make anywhere near as many exemptions in China. I think allowing exemptions on medical grounds and banning people from enquiring why people aren't wearing a mask has basically doomed the mask policy.

MoggyP Tue 22-Sep-20 06:30:41

The difference is the shop workers are there all day. Wearing a mask for an 8 hour shift is very different than wearing one to do a weekly shop

Yes, it's far more necessary as their exhalations are obviously considerable greater. But everyone should be masked, if we really want transmissions down, as we need to bear down on all risks to keep schools open (as they are inherently risky, but very much wanted)

We perhaps need separate hours for shoppers who cannot wear masks (parallel of shopping hours for the vulnerable who could not secure a delivery slot)

ginsparkles Tue 22-Sep-20 06:30:51

The issue in that shop was more that the member of staff wasn't adhering to the Covid safe rules the shop should have in place. Staff don't have to wear face masks as the work place is meant to have been made Covid secure for them.
In our shop we are 2m away from each other and customers as much as possible. We have Perspex screens between us and the customer and we clean touch points after each contact and wash our hands or sanitise before and after each customer is served. Because of this we don't need to wear a face covering. That said we all do wear one because we choose to.

yawnsvillex Tue 22-Sep-20 06:31:14


The easiest way to get consistency is to ban the wearing of face coverings in shops


myhumps123 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:31:45

What's with all this obsession with masks? For months no one bothered to wear a mask and as soon as this no good, incompetent government told us to wear one, ( with no strong evidence either way that a mask is effective) all I've seen is people accusing each other of being selfish, pointing fingers at each other, why is so and so not wearing a mask? General unpleasantness. Just shows how easy it is for people to turn on each other. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book.

NoSquirrels Tue 22-Sep-20 06:32:55

Masks protect other people, not you.

Shoppers wear masks so that shop workers are less exposed to 100s of other people's germs.

You, as an individual shopper, are not so much at risk from a shop worker. Even if you were previously shielding, the risk to you is minimal.

The shop workers might be a risk to each other, as a team, if they're not socially distancing and not wearing masks. But that didn't seem to be your point...

KatherineJaneway Tue 22-Sep-20 06:35:09

The difference is the shop workers are there all day. Wearing a mask for an 8 hour shift is very different than wearing one to do a weekly shop


myhumps123 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:39:05

My 21 year old nephew who had very bad anxiety works part time in a supermarket and he cannot wear a mask, last week a disgusting, miserable fart demanded to know why he wasn't wearing a mask and threatened to report him to his boss. I would have told him to mind his fucking business

gubbbbbddaaaa Tue 22-Sep-20 06:41:07

I work in retail and we are wearing visors , I was shocked to go into my town the other day and see other workers not wearing visors or masks .. I wouldn't feel safe ! The public come so close and get in your space even now ..

SexTrainGlue Tue 22-Sep-20 06:43:50

Youn do know that visors only provide spit/splatter protection to the wearer, don't you?

Masks protect everyone (and the evidence that came out of Europe in recent months is good quality)

myhumps123 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:44:19

Visors are even more pointless then masks

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