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Lots of things out of stock in the supermarket again?

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Putmynewshoeson Wed 16-Sep-20 10:20:16

Wondering if it's just us locally but pasta, toilet roll, tinned tomatoes and long life stuff all seem to be completely out of stock again sad

Is it the same when you are? I was hoping this wouldn't happen again but I suppose with the new rule brought in, people realising Christmas isn't going to be the same as usual and Brexit looming, perhaps people have started stocking up.

It's all so bloody depressing

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GreyishDays Wed 16-Sep-20 10:21:23

We haven’t been able to get tinned sweet corn for weeks. Everything else seems ok.

lughnasadh Wed 16-Sep-20 10:24:11

Not out of stock, but ours seems to be cutting back on some lines, and niche stuff.

So fewer brands of toilet roll, dropping some types of jam and spreads, more bulk staples in stock etc.

Obviously with no deal and storage issues in mind.

Swatsup Wed 16-Sep-20 10:24:12

Hmm we had run out of stuff from the original stash/stockpile as only doing small weekly shops since Covid started. I bought a huge load of tins/pasta/ bog roll last week to stock up. Wonder if it’s the same timing for others? Nothing to do with Covid just easier and we have the room to store stuff.

Chickenitalia Wed 16-Sep-20 10:24:29

I said to dh last week that the tinned aisle was looking bare again. Breakfast cereal also never seemed to recover.
I have been continuing to book online food orders up to 4 weeks ahead after the headache that was March, when I logged in this week to edit it said the next available slot was a week away. If I didn’t have regular slots booked in it would be a problem again.

Brexit, new rules, people finally needing to buy again as their previous stockpile has run out... I don’t know.

Topseyt Wed 16-Sep-20 10:25:03

Are they?

Our Tesco was OK this time last week but I haven't been since.

I need to go this afternoon though, so will find out soon enough.

Glitterkitten24 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:28:10

Yep there was no penne pasta or dried spaghetti last weekend in my supermarket, and the tinned aisle looked light on stock.

The supermarkets/ food situation was the worst thing about lockdown, I hope we don’t end up there again! 😢

LadyCatStark Wed 16-Sep-20 10:31:15

There was a huge gap in the Vitamin D section in Morrisons yesterday but that’s all I’ve noticed!

NotAnActualSheep Wed 16-Sep-20 10:38:36

I'm wondering if it's because people are worried about having to self isolate their families with a continuous cough etc? Given the difficulties with testing, they are maybe getting a fortnight's stash in just in case? We've got an online delivery coming today and there are definitely more substitutions and unavailable than usual. Bog roll fine though wink

PeskyRooks Wed 16-Sep-20 10:43:28

Yes definitely noticed the gaps on the shelves in Tesco yesterday. Mainly in the tinned food section and the alcohol!! The alcohol might be stocking up for Christmas I think. Having a low key Christmas is one thing having a dry one well....shock

Putmynewshoeson Wed 16-Sep-20 10:44:06

Seems a bit of a mix then , and yes some good reasoning there
I know friends with school age children are stocking up because so many of them went back for a few days and are now having to isolate and I expect it will get worse over Christmas

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Shitfuckoh Wed 16-Sep-20 10:50:09

I'm still online shopping for most things - food shopping was always online anyway.
I had the ''we're really busy'' message from ASDA for about 30 minutes on Monday though - first time since April/May time & I've noticed slots are becoming hard to come by too.

Issues with pasta, tins & ASDA haven't had 'bulk' baby wipes available for ages now!

SonjaMorgan Wed 16-Sep-20 10:55:16

Some shelves never recovered here. Low stocks on pasta and long life milk. Lots of bread flour marked down.

Jessuk86 Wed 16-Sep-20 10:56:31

Yep Lidl’s was looking a bit empty especially meat and chicken this was like prelockdown as I presume people were stocking up their freezers

haba Wed 16-Sep-20 10:59:25

There's just weird gaps at our supermarket- tomato puree was out of stock for months. Worcestershire sauce has been OOS at one for three months, yet the other one I go to has it. Cereal aisle has been condensed but seems patchy stock. Jaffa cakes (own brand) OOS for five months!

haba Wed 16-Sep-20 11:00:28

Fresh stuff is OOS because students came back- our branch of Sainsbury's was decimated last weekend.

Therollockingrogue Wed 16-Sep-20 11:03:52

Yep and I also stocked up.
It’s bad but with kids in several different school the likelihood that one bubble will burst and we need 14 days (Or likely more if they get sick in succession) of supplies is pretty high, and delivery slots are a nightmare. Our local large supermarket had barely any pasta, chickpeas, etc etc.

Toothsil Wed 16-Sep-20 11:04:57

Yes, I only wanted one packet of pasta the other day and the shelf was empty. If people want to have a stock, I wish they do it over a few weeks rather than buying a huge load all at one go. That's what places like Costco are for. It's unfair on the people who only want to/can afford to/have space to store smaller amounts.

Springxchicken Wed 16-Sep-20 11:05:31

I'm in Lincolnshire and I've been able to get pretty much everything lately. Although tinned sweetcorn is also absent. A few weeks ago there was an issue with sandwich meats. No ham etc. I tend to just put a couple of extra tins in my shopping a week and make sure I have a large bag of pasta for emergencies. I've only just got my shopping back down to £80 a week. It went up to £110 a week in lockdown because I was having to buy whatever I could get.

Just a tip, although I appreciate it's not as cheap. I joined milk and more. I get my milk from them. I also get orange juice, bread, teabags, occasionally butter and biscuits too. It's just good for essentials. I can't express how much milk and more have saved me since march. They were the reason my kids had breakfast in those early weeks.

ameliajoan Wed 16-Sep-20 11:09:39

People stocking up is exactly the reason shelves get bare. If everyone buys as they normally do the shelves will remain the same—and would have done during the entire pandemic—because supermarkets can keep up with demand.

lynsey91 Wed 16-Sep-20 11:14:58

Most of the supermarkets near me have never been fully stocked since lock down. I keep saying to DH that there must be some sort of problem.

My sister says she has not noticed it where she lives (150 miles from me).

Baaaahhhhh Wed 16-Sep-20 11:17:46

I've still got all the packets of dried pasta I bought last time, never used it blush. Only three or four, but I prefer fresh, and was always able to buy that, so did.

No problems with Waitrose or Ocado. Funnily enough though, lots of items on two for three this week, and also got a stonkingly good offer of £20 off when buy £200, so bought a few cupboard items, because why not?

NaughtipussMaximus Wed 16-Sep-20 11:17:46

I'm expecting shortages, certainly, but so far Tesco online looks ok. If you have the disposable income, I'd advise everyone to gradually try to build up some reserves (not panic-buy!)

RedToothBrush Wed 16-Sep-20 11:18:24

Tinned sweetcorn is an odd one. Sweetcorn is currently in season. I wonder if there has been an issue with this years crop or something.

TableFlowerss Wed 16-Sep-20 11:19:08

All fully stocked here! In every supermarket!

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