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Who else is waiting on result?

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ABitOdd Mon 14-Sep-20 13:27:11

We tested my son yesterday at 10:30am at drive through, He had fever and cough, but is presenting like his usual back to school cold. waiting on results before we can return to school/work. I’ve got 3 kids in primary and secondary.

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ginberry4 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:20:37

Us too. DD started with fever & cough Thursday night. Tested Friday, result came back Sunday as unclear so had to go back yesterday for retest. Waiting again for results & hoping they come quickly so we can get back to school/work.

marmitelover13 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:21:47

We are. Tested Saturday afternoon still waiting.

Wonkydonkey44 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:32:52

Us , tested yesterday 4pm . Frantically refreshing my emails so I can be free again !

alwayswantchocolate Mon 14-Sep-20 14:33:44

Yes. Two children at home because youngest has a cough with his cold. Tested Sunday 1pm, waiting (im)patiently for results.

ComeOnGordon Mon 14-Sep-20 14:34:22

Me too. Not in the UK tho but due to an increase in cases where the local lab is, I think it might take a few days for the result to come back

MrsSchrute Mon 14-Sep-20 14:34:32

Yep. Only tested this morning tho.
Didn't know unclear was an option, really hoping I did the swab correctly now!!

MiniMileyMoo Mon 14-Sep-20 14:36:25

Us too (DS temp and cough so both DC off school). Tested yesterday afternoon, they said usually 24 hours so really really hoping to get a result before school tomorrow!! Dreading an unclear/inconclusive result.

YouJustDoYou Mon 14-Sep-20 14:38:30

I can't even fucking get one. Son was playing in the 25'c heat today in his jumper. Took his jumper off and they asked him if he was hot. He said yes, so they took his temp and have sent him home. Fucking insane. No tests available, have to now quarantine for 10 days because he was playing in the hot sun in his jumper. He's home now and totally fine
, ffs.

BarneyGrumbel Mon 14-Sep-20 14:56:15

Us - DC tested this morning has they have a cough without a temperature. Rest of us have slight stuffy noses with no cough or temp so I’m expecting a negative result, but I guess we’ll wait and see!

SeekingCoffee33 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:56:36

I am waiting but not expecting for at least 48 hours. Had test at 8:30 yesterday.

notinthestarsigns Mon 14-Sep-20 14:58:40

Tested Thursday morning and still waiting, this is getting ridiculous. I have an important hospital appointment with a consultant on Thursday that I will have to re-arrange if I don’t get results soon.

SabrinaTheTeenageBitch Mon 14-Sep-20 15:01:05

Tested Friday. Still waiting. Both kids bouncing around the house bored stiff

Mactaylorssecretwife Mon 14-Sep-20 15:03:14

Us too, eldest has a back to school cold has a slight cough and temperature was up yesterday but back to normal now. Tested at 12pm yesterday at a drive in site.

She wouldn't let me near her throat with the swab so did both nostrils and I'm not convinced for long enough or high enough up so I'm pretty certain we'll get unclear results and need to go through it all again.

Titslikepicassos Mon 14-Sep-20 15:06:11

Here - DP has a temp, aching muscles and lethargy.

Tested this morning at a walk in site, they couldn’t even give him a best guess at when he can expect a result.

MissScarletInTheSnug Mon 14-Sep-20 15:09:12

Us. Tested Saturday lunch time at a drive through site in an 'area of concern', still waiting.

FatGirlShrinking Mon 14-Sep-20 15:18:58

Mine took 3 days last week. What really annoyed me though is that no medical practitioners trust the result even when you get it. I have a bacterial chest infection at the moment.

Symptoms - cough, fever, fatigue, breathlessness.

Needed to see someone yesterday. 111 online puts me in a queue for COVID response team despite saying I have a negative result. COVID response team doc gets a local out of hours doc to call me who says we need to assume it's COVID, even though I have a negative test as he says 40% are false negatives, sends me to A&E. A&E are triaging in a mobile hut in front of the entrance, when it was my turn they asked why I was there at the door, then shut the door on me and called for an isolation team, who came out covered in PPE and escorted me to an isolation room. Nurse tells me they have to assume false negative as 30% are wrong. Dr then sees me and again says can't trust the tests as they're not accurate.

Finally after blood tests show infection they start to believe it may not be COVID, but still told to self isolate as it might still be COVID.

HipHopBanzai Mon 14-Sep-20 15:23:01

Tested first thing Sunday. No word yet. Wish it had been a week earlier when they were turning results round quickly. Am dreading a 4 day wait. I need to get into work and I really want the kids back in school.

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Mon 14-Sep-20 15:24:26

Us, we tested yesterday.
He said if no results in 48 hours call 119.

Mykidsaremylife68 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:25:08

My daughter had a test done last Monday and still no result! Can’t get through to anyone at 119. Whole family isolating. Not happy.

HipHopBanzai Mon 14-Sep-20 15:27:23

Oh god mykids - that's a nightmare. Am dreading that happening to us.

IrishMamaMia Mon 14-Sep-20 15:30:36

Partner unwell last week so whole family isolating. Getting a test was a nightmare, waiting for a result even more so. We won't be so cautious next time that's for sure.

Mykidsaremylife68 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:31:13

It was a test centre too so you’d think it’d be quicker! I know several people who’ve done home tests and got theirs within hours 😡

17caterpillars1mouse Mon 14-Sep-20 15:31:34

Yep, ordered home test, Tuesday morning, it arrived Thursday evening so too late to post until Friday morning. Royal mail says it arrived Saturday 6am but still waiting. Dd has missed her first week of reception and just desperate to get her in school now sad

Tronkmanton Mon 14-Sep-20 15:32:59

DS was tested sat 1pm. Still no result. Tried ringing 119 as instructed by test centre after 48 hours. They have an automated message saying basically just keep waiting!!

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