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Do we need to isolate?

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bottomdrawer Mon 14-Sep-20 09:55:49

Prepared to be slated for asking what may be very obvious to others.

My toddler came down with a cold and fever yesterday after recently returning to daycare. The whole family is isolating as a result immediately, but we cannot get a test.

The test website states Important
Only get a test if you have coronavirus symptoms.

My fever has now gone after a full night of sleep so is he now even entitled to a test as symptoms have gone? And must we continue to isolate?

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Lumene Mon 14-Sep-20 09:58:21

Yes you are entitled to a test as you have had symptoms recently, and need to self-isolate in the absence of a negative test.

bottomdrawer Mon 14-Sep-20 10:08:01

Ok thank you for your reply

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