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Cold or Covid! Confused

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Lockdownseperation Sun 13-Sep-20 22:04:12

With a snotty nose he can go to preschool if well enough and your yr11 can go to school.

Idontwant2 Sun 13-Sep-20 22:01:48

My DS who is 3 started with a runny nose this evening, no temp but has coughed for a second or 2 in his sleep a couple of times.

Now I know if his cough becomes persistent which it probably will with the snot going down his throat or he gets a temp we are to isolate/get a test but if he wakes tomorrow with just a snotty nose can my DD still go to school (she’s in yr11 so could do without missing anymore school than needed)??

I will keep him off preschool for a few days if he just has a snotty nose anyway but I’m so confused by what I should be doing

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