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How do I book a test for just my 3yo?

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Lackadaisically Sun 13-Sep-20 10:54:35

My 3yo DS has a cold, started yesterday with runny nose and lots of sneezing. But he had a temperature overnight and is coughing (due to snot I'm sure) so obviously I need to get him tested.

DH and I are fine so far so don't need tests.

Did the online forms, had to put in my details before I could add DS. I was very clear that I was booking for another and had no symptoms but it still asked me for my details. I've been offered a drive through appointment but it's a booking for both me and DS. I don't want to waste a test when they are so in demand so how on earth do book for just him? I haven't pressed confirm so no doubt will have missed out on the slot now!

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daisybythesea Sun 13-Sep-20 11:27:11

When I booked just for my child, I filled in the form as if I was them. That way there is just one test booked. It’s not a very clear booking system at all! confused

ginberry4 Sun 13-Sep-20 11:39:42

This happened to me - I said I was booking for someone else and didn’t have symptoms & was sent 2 QR codes. Before arriving at the test centre I had started with symptoms so I did use mine, but I did think there’s no wonder they are running out of tests if one is being allocated to every parent who tries to book for a child.

DD needs a retest so this time I’ve filled it in as if I was her & only been given one.

Lackadaisically Sun 13-Sep-20 11:44:46

Thanks! Have tried that but now they are only offering a test centre over 2 hours away and technically in a different country (Wales) confused

Don't fancy 4 hours in the car today with a poorly child and me in my 8th month of pregnancy with dodgy hips! So will try again later and hope that they've released some slots for tomorrow that are closer!

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MarcelineMissouri Sun 13-Sep-20 11:52:15

I had this exact problem and managed to book myself as well as ds who’s the only one with a cough. I just did the test as I didn’t really know what else to do! They should definitely make it clearer, because that is a wasted test. Also, why does it only ask for an occupation and not give the option of going to school??

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