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Library open finally

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frozendaisy Fri 11-Sep-20 17:17:10

Didn't realise how much I save on books by borrowing from the library, plus I think use it or lose it and I know many have lost their local library, that the reopening of a few, not all, of our local libraries has brought a tiny bit of joy.

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cologne4711 Fri 11-Sep-20 17:20:46

Gosh it's weeks after ours reopened. Where are you?

frozendaisy Fri 11-Sep-20 17:42:27

I know we are late have been patiently waiting.

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Scarby9 Fri 11-Sep-20 17:43:54

Ours are not yet open.

bluemumsbluedog Fri 11-Sep-20 17:51:31

Ours are open by appointment for collection but you can't choose your books just suggest genres and authors you like for the librarians to choose for you. I'm missing it as I used to order online the books I wanted and collect once a fortnight.

lifestooshort123 Fri 11-Sep-20 18:03:34

Ours is open for a 15-minute supermarket sweep. I missed it more than pubs and restaurants.

frozendaisy Sat 12-Sep-20 15:08:46


Ours is open for a 15-minute supermarket sweep. I missed it more than pubs and restaurants.

Do you end up with random stuff? grin

We can reserve items apparently takes a week or so but that's ok.

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Passthecake30 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:50:56

Ours is also open for 15mins slots. Per group, and we have to stay together. So 3 of us in a group, a couple of mins each to randomly grab books in different parts of the library, the rest of the time faffing about returning /reserving books on their annoying system.

TheWindOnTheMoon Sat 12-Sep-20 17:54:50

Still waiting for ours to open sadI tweeted the Council asking if there was any news and they just said to be patient, maybe end of October.

I think they're looking for a reason not to reopen at all, which would be devastating for our village - another service lost.

ivykaty44 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:55:38

Ours do click and collect like a supermarket service

You order online through the website the books you want & then they rind you when some arrive and you make an appointment to collect

It’s just as good, if not better as you have choice from all the libraries in county

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