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How many cases in your child’s school so far?

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Magnavixen Fri 11-Sep-20 15:04:05

Our children back have been back to school since last Thursday.

So far 3 positive cases in 3 different year groups.

They are in bubbles of approximately 180 students each.
2 of the positive cases have been in their year groups.
Only close contacts required to isolate.

I’m surprised at how quickly the cases are appearing. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

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GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Fri 11-Sep-20 15:06:01

Assuming we’re being told if there are....

None in either school, 1260 pupils total.

LemonBreeland Fri 11-Sep-20 15:08:43

MY children have been back at school 4 weeks. A primary school of 400+ pupils and a high school of 1300. No cases so far. But we are fairly rural and not many cases in our LA.

Angel2702 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:09:36

None that we are aware of certainly no classes sent home in our primary or large secondary school.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Fri 11-Sep-20 15:11:23

DS1s secondary - none that we've been made aware of.

DS2s secondary - 2 that I know of.

DS2s school has more students, a large proportion of which are BAME (which data said was relevant) and less space than DS1s school. Although i think DS1s school are in bigger bubbles.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 11-Sep-20 15:11:34

None. Standard sized primary of 420ish pupils.

GreenGoldRed Fri 11-Sep-20 15:15:39

SE. Home Counties. 1000 pupils. No cases so far.

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:17:44


Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:18:08

It's a primary for context, about 400 pupils.

Qasd Fri 11-Sep-20 15:18:37

None in either school that we have been told about

Ellsbells12 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:19:05


expectingnumber3 Fri 11-Sep-20 15:21:31

I have children in 3 schools.
High School, approx 800 pupils, 0 cases.
Middle School, approx 750 pupils, 0 cases.
First school, approx 250 pupils, 0 cases.

StrangeAddiction Fri 11-Sep-20 15:27:45

None that we have been officially made aware of (all-through school Reception- Y12) but ds (y6) came out of school the other day saying one kid was off and going to be tested but minutes later we saw said kid in the shop while their parent bought an obvious hmm. Now obviously it could be just the that kids were making stuff up about needing a test and her absence absolutely nothing to do with Covid but I'd be pissed off if it was true.

Magnavixen Fri 11-Sep-20 16:13:11

I’m surprised that we have 3 (symptomatic) cases already across 3 different year groups as well as one adult - not sure if teacher or support staff. I think I was probably expecting cases to be in clusters, in classes or year groups I mean.

Each year group is in a separate building and I’m confident school are doing everything they can to be safe.

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notevenat20 Fri 11-Sep-20 16:14:31

0 in the primary, 0 in the secondary.

WhatHaveIFound Fri 11-Sep-20 16:17:31

One confirmed case in DS's secondary but not in his bubble. All of the bubble told to stay home one day whilst their area was deep cleaned, then only close contacts have to stay off for 2 weeks.

Jeremyironseverything Fri 11-Sep-20 16:18:02


ginsparkles Fri 11-Sep-20 16:22:41

Primary, no cases, went back last week. We have approx 140 in the school.

Infullbloom Fri 11-Sep-20 16:24:38

None I'm aware of. Scotland so been back a month (high school with 1000 students).

WearyandBleary Fri 11-Sep-20 16:25:46

How would we know? Surely schools can’t say Except to close contacts? What are the rules around that

JustSaying101 Fri 11-Sep-20 16:27:23

Currently zero. Been back to school for 1.5 weeks. Many of the children are displaying sniffles/cold symptoms already, which is fairly usual at this time of year, however, I think it will be difficult soon to differentiate if it's a cold or Covid without testing as Autumn and Winter set in. Expecting an onslaught of isolating and testing within the next few weeks...😫

AHintOfStyle Fri 11-Sep-20 16:27:52

None, have been back 4 weeks
Primary school of around 300
Secondary school of around 900

Bingobongo1 Fri 11-Sep-20 16:28:13

0 in a school of 1700.
4 lectures at large college no students.

LovelyWeekAway Fri 11-Sep-20 16:28:31

Scottish primary school back since 11 August
Over 500 pupils
Zero cases

NeuroticKindofNormal Fri 11-Sep-20 16:29:48

1000-pupil secondary, been back 2.5 weeks, zero cases.

Few pupils sent home with coughs daily but no positive tests to date.

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