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Local outbreak worries

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Minouche241 Thu 10-Sep-20 20:43:22

We live in and area where there has been a number of Covid cases at a primary school which is very close to ours. I am really concerned because my husband works away and I also provide care for my mum who is high risk. If I get Covid, I am worried about who will take care of the kids and my mum. Our school has created bubbles, but I've just found out that a popular local dance school has started up again and kids from both primary schools are mixing after school in dance classes. Not sure what to do or if anything can be done to minimise the risk

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WellRiddleMeThis Thu 10-Sep-20 20:45:45

covid cases in school of whom? the kids or teachers?

Minouche241 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:02:55

WellRiddleMeThis, the neighbouring primary school has a number of Covid cases among the children and this is apparently the second time a section of that school is having to isolate since schools went back two weeks ago.

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wherestheotherone Fri 11-Sep-20 06:12:11

Your husband may have to come back if you are so sick you can't help your mum. If this is not possible could you look at community support groups, speak to her GP about what services are out there. Do you have any friends or neighbours who might be able to step up and help.

I think your very sensible to consider a what if plan. We have a lot of community groups that have been set up to help.

wherestheotherone Fri 11-Sep-20 06:14:48

In terms of minimising risk your down to good hygiene, distancing and isolating when you can. You could consider homeschooling but that is a big move.

Ponoka7 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:22:15

Ypu could get Covid and not know you have it, or it could be similar to a cold. I've had it, it was like a chest infection and I looked after my DD, who also had it, but it was like the flu to her.

If you were ill in any other circumstances, what would you do?

BighouseLittlemouse Fri 11-Sep-20 06:26:59

@Ponoka7 - the problem is with Covid due to the isolation requirements it isn’t like being ill in any other circumstance. I’m a single parent if I was really unwell in other circumstances (although obviously I wouldn’t want to spread any illness!) worst case scenario a friend probably would come and help with the kids. You can’t do that re Covid, so I understand why the OP might be more worried particularly re looking after her children.

Minouche241 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:37:01

Ponoka7, in the past my father who is in his seventies, but very fit, has helped out on the few occasions when I was really ill. I couldn't and wouldn't ask him to help where Covid is concerned, due to the risks posed to his age group.

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Minouche241 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:38:36

Wherestheotherone thank you for the good advice. We do have good neighbours and friends who could potentially help.

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Minouche241 Fri 11-Sep-20 06:43:07

I guess I feel that we spent so long and sacrificed so much being locked down and now the virus is prevalent a couple of hundred yards away from us and I feel like there is not much we can do to prevent catching it. I'm so pleased that kids are back at school for their learning and socialisation, but it's also very worrying.

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middleager Fri 11-Sep-20 06:50:33

Could your husband take parental leave if you were ill?

Minouche241 Fri 11-Sep-20 07:16:28

Middleager, my husband works for himself and he was one of the people who fell through the financial support net because of this. We've discussed him coming back if I get sick, but it has further repercussions for his business. I think we'll have no choice but for him to come back if there are problems, though. I guess I feel that the bubbles at school should be a bit tighter and after school clubs shouldn't be interfering with these, as it negates the precautions which are in place. It seems to make no sense to try and protect the kids during school time if different classes and different schools are all mixing together at after school clubs.

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Augustbreeze Fri 11-Sep-20 08:57:05

Remember the dance school shouldn't have the children "mixing", they must be Covid secure, ie 2m at all times, sanitiser etc.

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