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For anyone needing a test in London - turn up to mobile one in Chelsea

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Usernamealreadyexists Thu 10-Sep-20 13:58:48

Gave up trying to book online and found out on Royal Borough of Ken & Chelsea’s website that they have a mobile unit behind Co Op at World’s End end of King’s Road. Rocked up with my DC and got tested. It was brill - no queues and you can register online or on the phone (119) after the test. I don’t k ow if they will be there tomorrow as they are moving wherever there are spikes. Keep checking the website.

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minipie Thu 10-Sep-20 14:30:32

Thanks! Could be v useful

Usernamealreadyexists Thu 10-Sep-20 15:06:33

No problem. Keep checking RBKC’s website as they will announce where they are next based. I think World’s End one is only for today unless they extend. They were in Hornton St at the weekend.

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Karwomannghia Thu 10-Sep-20 18:16:41

Same in Sheffield, I just walked in, no appointment.

minipie Sat 12-Sep-20 15:01:27

Hi @Usernamealreadyexists just to say I passed your info on to this MNer and she’s gone and used the mobile unit today - so thank you!

user34254356 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:15:21

thanks - didn't know about it and missed it. Will keep checking on their website.

Usernamealreadyexists Sun 13-Sep-20 00:08:27

@minipie oh that’s great! Glad someone benefited.
Thanks for updating.
@user34254356 still there this weekend - check RBKC website news section.

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