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Trump admits it's airborne and more deadly than bad flu

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Morfin Thu 10-Sep-20 09:53:15

But he said this in private, he isn't an idiot, he managed manipulate the American public. He is not my go-to for information but our government are lying to us in public, what are they saying in private?

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Alex50 Thu 10-Sep-20 09:35:17

Like the time he said you should inject yourself with bleach 😂

SqidgeBum Thu 10-Sep-20 09:33:44

Wait ..... we are taking what Trump says seriously now? Really? Surely by now he has shown he is as reliable a source of 'factual' information as your 80 year old grandpa who believes everything in the Daily Mail and tells the same story 4 times in an hour.

GabriellaMontez Thu 10-Sep-20 09:32:46

I'd probably look for a better source of info than Trump.

KitKatastrophe Thu 10-Sep-20 09:31:32

we have to assume that as President he is privvy to all the information
That hasnt stopped him talking absolute bollocks in the past. It will be a cold day in hell before I believe anything Trump has to say.

Sportsnight Thu 10-Sep-20 09:30:21

Do we though? He doesn’t seem to have a solid grasp of reality at the best of times.

Morfin Thu 10-Sep-20 09:29:36

But decides play it all down. Also I haven't read anywhere that a world leader has admitted its airborne he actually says its more difficult because it's not through contact transmission. I know he isn't a scientist but we have to assume that as President he is privvy to all the information.

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