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Do school's have tests available?

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AHippoNamedBooBooButt Thu 10-Sep-20 06:25:51

I remember reading a while ago that when schools reopen they will be given a supply of tests to hand out to parents if the pupils have covid symptoms. Does anyone know if this is still correct and knows if schools have these?
Ds(4) has been coughing during the night so I presume, needs a test, but there's non available via the gov website. I really don't want my dc to miss 2 weeks of school for what is most likely a common cold

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user1471530109 Thu 10-Sep-20 06:29:05

Schools have been given 10 tests only to be used in other words if a parents refuses to take a child to be tested or for some reason can't.

cliffdiver Thu 10-Sep-20 06:31:35

Schools were given 5 tests to be distributed at their discretion.

They will probably prioritise vulnerable children / staff - both of whom need to be back in school ASAP.

They will also be thinking of attendance figures, and as your DS is 4 and not legally required to be at school, they may not give you a test.

Have you checked availability of both drive through and postal tests?

I hope your DS gets better soon.

MrsWombat Thu 10-Sep-20 06:35:02

We are meant to have 10 but we have 5 and we only give them out to vulnerable families.

Keep trying on the website. 10am is meant to be a good time.

HelenaJustina Thu 10-Sep-20 06:39:58

We’ve got 10. They will be for families where parents English is so poor that they cannot access a test in any other way, or where we fear a child will not be tested at all unless we give them one.
We were supposed to be sent details of how to reorder/replace but those haven’t materialised. Which will make my existing stock even more precious!

Ibizababyy Thu 10-Sep-20 06:42:40

Well if they do that’s news to me! DS got sent hone on Tuesday with a cough (it’s the tail end of a cold we’ve all had, he was really snotty and sneezing prior to cough starting so fairly sure not it). We were told he can’t come back until a negative test and spent 6 hours on Tuesday refreshing the government website until finally getting a test for Wednesday! School didn’t mention anything about then having tests available even when they heard we were struggling to book. I honestly thought this system would work well- sent home, test same day, results 24 hours later and back in school but looking like we will all be spending significant amounts of winter term with kids hanging around at home awaiting tests as the system can’t cope with the numbers!

Adventurewillresumesoon Thu 10-Sep-20 06:51:00

Yes. We have 10 but should have 20 as over 400 pupils. Been told we can reorder every 3 weeks. To be issued if we think someone won’t get their child tested. Have already issued one to a parent who couldn’t get to a test station. They have to take it to the post box themselves. People seem to be struggling to get tests via the website but I do know of people turning up at the test sites with ID and getting tested.

CupoTeap Thu 10-Sep-20 07:03:31

On my local spotted page people not able to get a test or an appt were just turning up and getting seen

ineedaholidaynow Thu 10-Sep-20 07:08:17

They are only meant to be used in emergencies. The reordering system is meant to be set up on 16th September but no guarantees they will get new supplies. So schools aren’t just going to hand them out to the first parent who says their child has a cough.

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