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Nothing has really changed - yesterday's PM briefing

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MustShowDH Thu 10-Sep-20 01:06:35

Who are all these people that have been meeting in groups of more than 6?

Gatherings of 6 people were only allowed outside anyway.

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GetThatHelmetOn Thu 10-Sep-20 01:11:43

I suppose this is just a reminder after convincing us it was safe to “go out to help out”

And yes, there are a lot of people meeting in groups over 8 people, even over 20, when an outing includes several families. (Being related by blood doesn’t means you won’t get it particularly if you are mixing family groups that do not even live near to each other).

Inkpaperstars Thu 10-Sep-20 04:52:58

I thought two households could gather indoors even if more than 6 in total, until this change. Could be wrong.

RingtheBells Thu 10-Sep-20 05:27:48

I thought it was 2 households up to thirty indoors but they seem to have quietly dropped no. of households in any setting as it can't be easily policed and gone for numbers, this now suits small households and single people better but stuffs up larger households. I don't think no. of households counts now, it wasn't mentioned.

ChanceChanceChance Thu 10-Sep-20 05:59:09

I think it's a big change, as it has moved from guidance to law, is down to six outside, and enforcement is planned.

This is a major shift in tone imo.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Thu 10-Sep-20 06:02:15


Gatherings of 6 people were only allowed outside anyway.
Obviously you were one of those confused by the guidelines. Two households could meet up indoors. That could be a much larger number, depending on the size of those households.

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