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Thoughts on this situation?

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emvy Wed 09-Sep-20 22:32:45

My DS (2.5yo) developed a runny nose at the weekend which turned into a cough overnight Sunday. I tried to book a test at a drive in centre using the online portal but it was down, so I had to call to try and book instead. After 2 hours of trying to organise the test, I was told over the phone that “a normal cough is fine, he doesn’t need testing. We’re having to be really strict with who test now.” Feeling relieved to not have to put him through what would be a stressful experience for him, and pleased to just finally get an answer, I hung up.

Since hanging up though I’ve been questioning that this was the right advice. DS is due in nursery tomorrow. The cough is mostly gone but to have had a test to confirm it wasn’t covid would’ve been useful if he does cough tomorrow. I’ve also just read a thread where lots of peoples symptoms started as colds so now I really feel like he should’ve been tested... other than the fact that a new continuous cough is on the symptoms list?!

Basically just posting to see if anyone thinks I was wrongly advised?

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shesgonebatshitagain Wed 09-Sep-20 22:34:12

Isn’t it a continuous cough ?

ReeseWitherfork Wed 09-Sep-20 22:35:57

I’ve been quite relaxed about the whole thing but I still think they need to be testing any possibility! I suppose their advice is valid but it definitely seems to be given for terrible reasons (i.e. lack of capacity). FWIW I think the cough was probably just nasal drip (unless it was particularly dry?). I’d still like to have had a test to confirm but 🤷🏼‍♀️

Is his temperature OK?

Augustbreeze Wed 09-Sep-20 22:41:20

Well you can explain the testing helpline told you he didn't need one. And see if the cough gets worse. What questions did they ask to decide if it was the right sort of cough, or did they just stick to the over an hour or 3 times in 24 hours wording?

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