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Preschooler has got a cold

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5lilducks Wed 09-Sep-20 19:08:40

When dd (2 yrs 8 months)gets a cold she usually gets a very bad cough which lasts months. She last got a cough in december and it didn't go away until early march. The GP said that she could be having mild asthma as she also has mild eczema. She was prescribed a paedriatic inhaler (I think that's what it is called but I am not sure). Since lockdown my DD and indeed our whole family have not had any coughs or colds. DD started preschool this week and has been in only one day and it seems like she has got a cold. She is sneezing and it looks like a cold and not an allergy as far as I can tell. It is okay for me to send DD to preschool? Or should I be keeping her at home (self isolating)? I am unsure what the rules are re. pre-schools. Any advice will be most appreciated.

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Smellbellina Wed 09-Sep-20 19:10:08

If she’s got a temp or a new persistent cough she can’t go in OP

5lilducks Wed 09-Sep-20 19:14:11

@Smellbellina thanks for replying. So far she hasnt got a cough or a temp. May well have one later though. Do I have to do a test for her?and if she hasn't got a cough or a temp do I still send her in?

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loutypips Wed 09-Sep-20 19:22:18

Forgetting COVID If she's poorly would you usually send her in? That's not really fair on her.
If she gets a cough or temp, yes you need to get her tested.

5lilducks Wed 09-Sep-20 19:42:11

@loutypip Thank you for replying .DD is not poorly at all. She is her usual self apart from sneezing. She is so looking forward to going to preschool and I feel sorry for her if she cannot go. That said, I wouldn't send her in if she shouldn't be sent in due to covid rules. I also wouldn't send her if she is poorly and that would have been a no-brainer. She is not poorly at all at present, she is just sneezing. As far as I am aware pre-covid children were not kept at home for a mild cold or were they? I know mums used to bring their little ones to play groups despite them having colds (pre-covid). Now with covid I am not sure about anything anymore.

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Bol87 Wed 09-Sep-20 21:14:50

DO NOT test if your child does not have the 3 covid symptoms. There are not enough tests! If they have a temp or cough or complain they can’t taste their food, then you must & you must isolate.

My DD has a cold. Mega snotty. No temp. No cough bar to clear her throat a max of one cough 2/3 times a day. It isn’t a persistent cough in anyway. I happened to have a GP appointment on Friday & I queried it. My GP said from my description of her occasional cough, it did not warrant a test. If it became more frequent through the day, then I should. But it hasn’t thankfully. I rang nursery on a Monday & explained all this and they said not to worry at all, they’ve got loadsa kids with colds now & they are having to go with the 3 main symptoms as their guide to who can & cant go in!

Bol87 Wed 09-Sep-20 21:16:12

Ps. My kids been to nursery with every cold she’s ever had! If she’s been really grotty, I’ve kept her off as not fair to her but more often than not, she’s been right as rain, just snotty!

5lilducks Wed 09-Sep-20 23:34:31

@Bol87 thank you for replying. It's very helpful indeed. My DD's condition has deteriorated since my last post, so we have decided to keep her at home tomorrow. She's got a sore throat and cries ever so often saying her throat is hurting. No temp or cough at present. If she gets the three symptoms I will get her tested. I wasn't sure how nurseries and preschools decide who cant go in as esp during autumn and winter most children get colds and flu. It's good to know they are looking for the three symptoms, and I hope our preschool is doing the same.

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