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Going for another test DH disagrees

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mylittlesandwich Tue 08-Sep-20 21:41:47

So me and DH had a bit of a cough last week, went for a test and were negative. Today I feel like death. Bad cough, sore throat and just meh. I've booked myself another test for tomorrow. DH thinks I'm bonkers. Not helped by the fact that his work were pissed at him last week because he missed a days work. He's still going to work in the morning.

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MrsFoggy Tue 08-Sep-20 21:45:45

I caught flu a month ago, proper actual flu. I also decided to do a second test for my own peace of mind, I've only just started feeling human again since the weekend, still have a cough. So if you want another test then do it and ignore DH!

Concerned7777 Tue 08-Sep-20 21:46:37

I understand your concern but remember covid isnt the only virus in the world. Its completely plausible that you have a bad dose of the common cold or any other virus that normally circulates this time of year.

LolaSmiles Tue 08-Sep-20 21:48:52

My gut instinct is YABU because the test only works in the first few days of developing symptoms so if you've had a negative test and a week has gone by and you're still feeling unwell then there's no reason to take one as the results are meaningless.

If you had a cough, felt better and then have come down with a second set of illness then YANBU.

mylittlesandwich Tue 08-Sep-20 21:53:39

I fully expect the test to be negative but I feel it would be irresponsible to not get another test. I had a brief cough which then cleared and today I've started feeling awful.

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Toomanycats99 Tue 08-Sep-20 22:01:19

I started occasional coughing and sore throat Saturday evening. Lost my voice overnight and felt dreadful all day Sunday. It's moved into snotty nose and sneezing. I haven't had a test because with all the other symptoms I am comfortable it's just a nasty cold.

Pinkshrimp Sat 12-Sep-20 06:48:09

@mylittlesandwich have you had your results back? Interested to see if the original neg has become positive & what that would mean for all the people confidently walking around after a negative test who might have tested positive a few days later.
(I know you aren’t supposed to test after 5 days but if symptoms have changed/developed it does make sense)

CKBJ Sat 12-Sep-20 07:23:12

Would be interested to hear your result. Guidelines do state only return to work/school when you feel well enough/symptoms have gone (minus cough and loss of sense of smell/taste) even if test was negative

mylittlesandwich Sat 12-Sep-20 10:58:06

Sorry just saw these. My result was negative again, I still have a hacking cough though nobody else does. DH at work, DS at nursery and luckily they are both ok.

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FredaFox Sat 12-Sep-20 11:01:14

My friend has covid and 5 weeks and 3 retests later she is still positive so I don't think it's correct that it will only work on the first few days of developing symptoms

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