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Self isolating and flats with communal entrances?

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Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 12:20:13

I was just wondering what happens in flats with shared entrances/hallways if a resident has to self isolate?
I'm on a second floor in a block of three; if I am isolating, am I allowed to go into the stair/hallway to pick up post/medication deliveries etc?

If that's possible, am I allowed to spend time in the communal garden (accessed via the main door, big enough to safely be quite far away from the house)?
I can only find guidance about living in shared houses with shared kitchens/bathrooms etc, which doesn't exactly apply.

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McCheney73 Tue 08-Sep-20 12:29:38

We live in a block of 6 flats I'm in the middle floor also communal entrance.

Had to self isolate for a day whilst my son awaited results which were negative.

I have a dog so still had to go out a few times a day but let her out just outside the entrance on a grassed area. I warned one of my neighbours as her children always come up to me to fuss the dog.

Personally I wouldn't use the garden as others use it.

If we ever did test positive I would let my dog out with a mask on and very briefly. Maybe briefly sit out the front very early or late.

Definitely able to go to hallway to pick essentials up again just briefly.

Really hope this never happens. It was hard enough for just a day let alone 14.

Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 12:42:26

Thanks - I'm the only one who spends time in the garden, so I think it might be ok if it's allowed.

I've just realised I've a gas inspection this week, and my current certificate expires on Monday - really not sure how to work around that! I'm trying to organise a home test at the moment because my 'usual'/asthma related cough has become worse in the last day or so and I don't want to risk assuming it's 'just' asthma related.
I'm phoning 119 to find out what the official advice is.

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Gingerkittykat Tue 08-Sep-20 13:00:23

I would definitely postpone the gas inspection.

Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 13:03:30


I would definitely postpone the gas inspection.

I'm letting my plumber and landlord know - I was worrying that I would be in trouble legally for postponing it/my certificate expiring.

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Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 13:21:31

Ok - officially, getting mail etc at the front door is fine. Spending any time outside the building is not.
My landlord and plumber are holding off on the gas check til I get a negative result - I've applied online for a home test and am waiting for the email confirming they're sending one. Thanks for all your help!

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2020needstobeoverwith Tue 08-Sep-20 13:41:50

Have you got any disposable gloves and mask? We were in same situation and we tested positive in June. I wore a face mask, 2 pairs of disposable gloves and i had dettol spray and everything I touched like door handles that others could touch in the communal flats was sprayed down and no one else tested positive.

Butterer Tue 08-Sep-20 13:49:08

Yep, got masks and gloves!

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StarCat2020 Tue 08-Sep-20 15:46:26

I would let my dog out with a mask on and very briefly
Because I read that wrong I was imaging how you would put a mask on a dog.

Gave me a giggle, thank you

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