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What’s the guidance in this case?

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Bol87 Sat 05-Sep-20 18:51:22

So a family came to visit us on Wednesday & on Thursday came out with a nasty cold & cough. Very snotty & felt rotten. Went for a test Friday morning. Results back today are negative. As expected, it’s a shitty cold.

My 3 year old & baby have today woken up with identical symptoms to family member. Mega snotty. Sneezing. Lethargic. Warm but not a fever, about 37.5 which is a degree higher than usual. My 3 year old is coughing when she lays down but not when up & about for the day. It’s not persistent. My baby is just incredibly snotty. Not warm & no cough at all.

Do I need to get DD1 tested & isolate? Or can I safely assume she’s caught the same cold which we’ve had confirmed isn’t covid? And before anyone says the tests aren’t accurate, I’m not living life thinking they aren’t accurate. Plus a nurse actually did this one & my in-laws said it blooming hurt 🙈


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123rd Sat 05-Sep-20 18:52:27

Just get a test then you know if you can go out or not

Mummyto3gorgeousgirlies Sat 05-Sep-20 18:56:41

If my kids get fever or cough then I’d test and isolate household until negative result came back - pretty sure that’s the rules... understand why you assume same germs ur wiser family had but u never know could be something else picked up elsewhere - good luck and stay safe xx

DamitJanet Sat 05-Sep-20 18:57:03

They have symptoms so need a test and you isolate for 14 days or until they get a negative. It’s a pain as you can be almost certain what it is, but there’s no way to be sure without the test unfortunately. It’s likely to means lots of stop start isolating within household as things get passed round this winter.

Mummyto3gorgeousgirlies Sat 05-Sep-20 18:57:14

Wider 🤦🏻‍♀️

Dadnotamum72 Sat 05-Sep-20 19:04:38

Maybe for peace of mind, but guidence wise no tempetature or persistant cough surely they wouldn't have to, this is where the differing views of people will result in such variations, sone eill test repeatidly for anything others only if they really need to.

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