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What have you learned about yourself during lockdown?

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WomenHour Sat 05-Sep-20 16:08:19

I learned that like emptier streets more than busy streets.

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onemouseplace Sat 05-Sep-20 16:12:42

That, whilst I have a lot of casual acquaintances and see a lot of people on a day to day basis, I have very few close friends who prioritise me and saw very few people in lockdown.

forgetthehousework Sat 05-Sep-20 16:14:12

I am both lazy and untidy ... and I don't care!

Jenasaurus Sat 05-Sep-20 16:16:19

I like my own company, and am a bit of a recluse

MaidofKent78 Sat 05-Sep-20 16:19:18

I find it a struggle to spend 24/7 with my husband and son, both of whom I love immensely. If I don't get time by myself each day, I don't function.

bloodywhitecat Sat 05-Sep-20 16:21:49

That I am stronger than I thought. OH developed jaundice, the NHS has let him down at every turn from the GP dragging his heels over referring him to the number of failed biopsies and mis-scanned body parts and I have fought hard to get him seen. Hopefully his next biopsy will prove successful and we will finally know if he has cancer of the pancreas/ampulla or just a tumour around his bile duct. Once upon a time I couldn't even pick up the phone to order a takeaway and now I can face the NHS, look after OH and care for our two fosterlings (aged 5 months and 10 months).

MarshaBradyo Sat 05-Sep-20 16:24:19

That lockdown for that long was too much and let’s hope we don’t go back to it.

WickedEmoji Sat 05-Sep-20 16:47:16

That I have not a single.friend. and the one person that did contact me dropped me as soon as she got what she wanted and I haven't heard.from her since.

FrankSkinnerFan2020 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:35:19

I can count my friends on one hand
I want a partner- someone who asks about my day, makes me a coffee. I would like someone to ask about me, how I’m doing.
I’m bored of me therefore everyone else must be bored of me hence no friends.

QuacksInTheDark Sat 05-Sep-20 17:39:38

I wish i didn’t fuck up my life.

HesterShaw1 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:42:45

That I am incensed by arbitrary senseless rules and those who blindly follow them.

That I am actually rather scientific and want to know actual reasons exactly why something is a certain way, rather than simply accepting a media or government narrative.

KurriKawari Sat 05-Sep-20 17:42:48

That as much as I love my own company and being a recluse, I need regular holidays even if in the UK.
My worklife balance is all wrong.

KurriKawari Sat 05-Sep-20 17:45:11

And this isnt "new" as for the last two years I've worked in the office three days a week and home two days a week - I prefer working from home. Any podcast is better than work colleagues. When I'm not tired from six hours of commuting I can spend time on self care & wellbeing that isnt sobbing on sofa eating crisps and watching Netflix.

TabbyStar Sat 05-Sep-20 17:47:01

That my mental health problems I thought I left behind half a lifetime ago might come back in some circumstances (financial insecurity and feeling completely abandoned). Also that I can spend a lot less than I was.

badlydrawnbear Sat 05-Sep-20 17:50:19

That I really value my job and colleagues (I have a job that I had to leave the house and go to throughout lockdown, which meant I got to speak to people outside of my own household and I am incredibly grateful for that)
That I'm not scared of the empty city centre (walking through the city centre at 9pm in the dark from work to the bus stop was an experience but I wasn't scared)
That I really really need time to myself
That I definitely am not cut out to be a teacher
That I hate zoom

TheQueef Sat 05-Sep-20 17:54:28

I could handle prison.

Craftycorvid Sat 05-Sep-20 17:54:28

That I’m definitely an introvert....who likes people confused

That I can’t stand bloody Zoom but I’m otherwise more adaptable to technology than I thought.

That I’m pretty resilient.

HelloMissus Sat 05-Sep-20 18:49:54

That I’m super ambitious.
I already knew this but even I’ve been surprised at my level of desire to get back to work properly so I can move to world domination.

*what I’ve learned about others is that a lit of folk are self important busy bodies.

frozendaisy Sat 05-Sep-20 20:26:00

That I actually like more people than I thought.

That we actually go out and do more things than I thought.

That routine is actually positive.

There is only so much time for reading so make it what you want to read.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 05-Sep-20 20:27:54

That i like my own company and that of my DP and dds .everyone else can do one. Seriously

LadyPenelope68 Sat 05-Sep-20 20:31:18

That I absolutely hate my husband.
The I hate my youngest son (18) as he treats me like shit and us selfish.
The my eldest son is even more caring than I thought and is the best company.
That I have no friends.
That the Headteacher of the school I teach at is out to make my life a misery.

TwelveLeggedWalk Sat 05-Sep-20 20:34:34

That I quite enjoy teaching. This was most unexpected. The bit of homeschooling my kids that involved actually teaching stuff I found really rewarding.

Attempting to do it whilst also do a full time job was the sticking bit!

CeeJay81 Sat 05-Sep-20 20:48:50

That I need my job to get by mentally. I'd have gone mad if I didn't work through it. Having time away from my family and an opportunity to talk to other people kept me going. I love my family but I was forced to take 2 weeks off in lockdown and that was enough when your stuck at home and can't go anywhere.

I've also appreciated where I live a lot. Small rural community. Wouldn't have liked lockdown in a city.

lljkk Sat 05-Sep-20 22:12:04

That I'm an enormous coward in lots of ways. It is what it is.

Northernsoullover Sat 05-Sep-20 22:13:57

I always said I was too busy to keep on top of housework. Like a pp I found out that I am lazy.

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