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Travel from England to Ireland

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Choppedupapple Sat 05-Sep-20 00:02:10

This should be really easy to find out but it’s not, I’ve Googled this a lot. If travelling from England to the republic Of Ireland. Flying to dublin. Is it a requirement to quarantine? September 2020

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Seainasive Sat 05-Sep-20 00:15:32

You would have to quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival in Ireland, but not when you get back to the UK.

(From UK government’s website

JingleCatJingle Sat 05-Sep-20 00:23:18

Really? How does that work for Ni?

JingleCatJingle Sat 05-Sep-20 00:27:17
Tough luck

Heyahun Sat 05-Sep-20 00:46:26

I’ve been to Ireland twice since June - had to stay put in my parents house for 2 weeks before I could come back to London! Filled in a passenger tracing sheet at Dublin airport - on arrival back in London walked straight out and onto the train and came home - didn’t fill in any sort of track and trace info and didn’t have to isolate.

I believe Northern Ireland is not the same as it’s in the U.K. so if you flew to Belfast you don’t have to isolate.

IcedPurple Sat 05-Sep-20 05:25:45

Quarantining for 14 days in Ireland is 'requested', it is not legally enforced.

Heyahun Sat 05-Sep-20 08:02:37

This is true @IcedPurple nobody checked when I went back to the airport today to London - nobody called to check while I was In Ireland... I know of people who’ve popped back for a few days then returned to U.K.!
however it’s similar to the Rules in U.K. for when you come back from Spain or whatever - nobody checks nor is it properly enforced - but you are supposed to isolate for 2 weeks!

Choppedupapple Sat 05-Sep-20 12:29:26

Will airlines check your return date?

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StephanieRang Sat 05-Sep-20 12:46:18

No, airlines will not check return dates. You don't have to stay in Ireland for 14 days but if you are staying for just a few days you would be required to restrict movements for all of your trip.

cologne4711 Sat 05-Sep-20 18:08:22

Aren't there more cases in Ireland than the UK now (percentage wise)? I was talking to my mum about this today, she wants to go to Ireland, but I said we can't at the moment but then I wondered if the restrictions had been lifted. Obviously not.

SomewhereEast Sat 05-Sep-20 19:19:54

It is 14 days quarantine on arrival in the Irish Republic, which dates from a point where cases per million were much lower in ROI than in the UK. They definitely aren't now, so it seems a bit pointless (Irish person who would actually like to be able to see her family at some point grin)....but it also feels like a dick move to just ignore it or travel via Belfast

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