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Change of behaviour - do they know something?!

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notanoctopus Fri 04-Sep-20 21:53:54

So...DC school (primary) went back yesterday. Today I got a text from doctor's surgery saying to be careful as increase in local cases. Shortly after, got an email from school asking parents to wear masks at pick up and at pickup I saw teachers were also wearing masks/visors (weren't yesterday).

I've been anxious about DC going to school (some kids DO get v ill/pass it on/die/indirectly kill family - it is just Russian roulette) and sad it means we won't be able to now see certain family etc. Obviously I know it's good for kids to be back. I've been trying to rationalise things in my head, keep trying to focus on low death rate, better knowledge of disease etc, although I do think it's the calm before the storm and wish there had been some money thrown at education to make it slightly safer for school communities (and therefore also wider communities). I get the concept that kids need to go back, it can't be made safe, no money/appetite to make it safer anyway, have bubbles however big to try and contain outbreaks and that although many will be ok with Covid, some people will have to take the "hit" and everyone hopes it's not them (kids long term ill/parents or teachers and family ill or bereaved/community transmission etc etc).

Our borough's numbers have gradually increasing, but I can't see a massive hike in numbers etc so wonder what I'm missing for the doctor (first message like this) and the school (no teachers in masks yesterday, some parents in masks) to both do these things on same day. What do they know that I don't?!

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Trackandtrace Fri 04-Sep-20 22:05:02

Is anyone in the house medically vunerable?
Just trying to work out reason for call.
We havent sent back and our GP was in agreement (verbally not in writing) when i spoke to GP over perscription.

notanoctopus Fri 04-Sep-20 22:14:20

I assumed they'd just texted everyone. We are certainly more vulnerable than some and may not shrug Covid off easily, but we don't have to shield or anything.

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Lostinagoodbook Fri 04-Sep-20 22:22:42

Interesting-I also got an email from primary today suggesting parents should wear masks for pick up and drop off. Also staff will be wearing masks in communal areas in school. Also wondering if local cases are on the rise or if they are being proactive after having a case already.

Trackandtrace Fri 04-Sep-20 22:23:12

They prob do have an idea of anything happening locally. Worrying for you

Quartz2208 Fri 04-Sep-20 22:26:25

Whereabouts are you? Guessing maybe London

Redwinestillfine Fri 04-Sep-20 22:27:07

We all have to wear masks and most staff are too. I think it's pretty standard op...

ChanceEncounter Fri 04-Sep-20 22:28:52

I think they have info from council and also I think it is going to be shown it spreads in/via schools. Teachers all need to wears masks when together, seems obvious.

GlamGiraffe Fri 04-Sep-20 22:33:43

I'm in London.i received a text from my GP today warning there is an increase in local cases of covid and to be extra careful. I have reduced immunity due to an existing condition so t could be why I was alerted; My 18 year old son got the same message though. So maybe not.
Im thinking it might be a case of being even more careful (especially if you're more vulnerable) at the moment while everyone sees ehatceill happen while people integrate more with schools going back.

PeaceAndHarmoneeee Fri 04-Sep-20 22:47:32

The message from the school might just be a change in procedure as what they thought would work on paper hasn't.

DS's school has made a few changes now the kids have been back a few days and they've had a chance to see what is working or not.

notanoctopus Fri 04-Sep-20 23:02:00

I'm london based. Maybe doctor surgeries have been advised to send such texts if others are getting them too. There just didn't seem much change in numbers increasing as other weeks. Masks make sense anyway - just think it would have made more sense to mandate that from off, but maybe staff/parents raised concerns yesterday. GP texts would have made more sense a couple of weeks ago too - to help reduce spread before schools went back. Maybe they were held off in case it put some people off returning to school as schools are apparently safer than anywhere else on the planet!!!

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Lostinagoodbook Fri 04-Sep-20 23:17:49

The staff are acting as normal in the primary I work in- crossing bubbles for ppa cover etc and being in small offices/staffroom together. No one seems bothered. Not even opening doors or windows...... I feel like I'm in a parallel world tbh- my child's school seem to be completely the opposite in terms of taking it seriously.

ohthegoats Fri 04-Sep-20 23:31:57

If local cases are rising, then it makes sense that teachers are wearing masks etc while dealing with other adults outside of their 'bubble' - parents especially, since they are local.

notanoctopus Fri 04-Sep-20 23:54:45

There was a stay and play yesterday - not really any distancing etc and teachers chatting with parents. No masks. Seems a bit late!

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NeurotrashWarrior Sat 05-Sep-20 06:59:25

We are discussing wearing masks in corridors as we find at certain times there's a lot of staff in bottle necks. They may have decided after seeing how the day went.

NOTANUM Sat 05-Sep-20 11:01:11

I also got a text but no comms from any of the DC's schools.

If we are in the same area, the rise seems negligible and I've heard that hospital numbers haven't increased.

What I suspect has happened is that all those people who have returned from European countries recently have had testing to avoid lockdown (I know, I know) so the percentage found has gone up but many are not symptomatic or have mild cases.

Regarding the mails from your school, I'd guess that many have had reports of parents not self-isolating after holidays but can't really stand judge and jury. So they're asking for everyone to wear masks to try to protect staff.

Every second family went on holidays abroad in London it seems hmm

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sat 05-Sep-20 11:03:13

Masks at pick up could just be them noticing it's quite crowded in places.

pooiepooie25 Sat 05-Sep-20 11:08:29

Wonder if I am in the same Borough...
At the school I teach, we are asking for masks at pickup too- but that information was sent to the parents before term started.

jessstan2 Sat 05-Sep-20 11:14:15

I think the government is very scared of a second wave but don't want to actually say so. I know someone in Barcelona and another in Ireland and their second wave has started, they are facing another lockdown. Another friend who is a teacher did not renew her contract and is not going back to school until after half term (of course that depends on the state of things then), nor sending her children back.

It has been published in the media that the 'second wave' is not anticipated to be so bad because the virus has weakened. That is good news though obviously vulnerable people will still be at great risk.

You have to weight things up for yourself, no point in expecting 'our leaders' to be giving good advice; it changes from day to day and they can't even agree amongst themselves.

Cornettoninja Sat 05-Sep-20 11:54:13

no point in expecting 'our leaders' to be giving good advice; it changes from day to day and they can't even agree amongst themselves

I know right, it’s almost like it’s a brand new virus that is still being studied and observed highlighting new findings. What a bunch of incompetent twats /s

@notanoctopus, they won’t know anymore than you but you do need to prepare yourself for changes, some very short notice, because a lot of this is brand new and almost every approach is a ‘suck it and see’ plan.

We all need to be flexible while we find our feet with regards to school openings and case numbers rising. It’s to be expected but if something works or doesn’t then things will change.

Redwinestillfine Sat 05-Sep-20 11:54:50

They're not so scared if they're still trying to force civil servants back in.... They're much more scared that Brexit negotiations are not going well and combined with empty city centres the economy will tank.

notanoctopus Sat 05-Sep-20 13:27:56

It was pretty crowded at pick up, and the street outside the gate is v small and narrow. Parents weren't quite sure what to do - if distanced just inside gate, it meant others were bunched up at entrance/on street. I guess in practice school realised parents would be crowded in, so they then put in mask measures which makes sense. I hadn't thought about people not quarantining - parents had to complete and sign a questionnaire when school started back saying if they'd been away/quarantined etc, so maybe they were concerned about honesty. I think I just thought it strange as gp surgery sent message out same day.

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