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Invited to take part in Covid in-home antibody test..

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Emcont Thu 03-Sep-20 13:08:04

I had a letter this morning inviting me to take part in the at home antibody test.

Has anyone been invited and actually taken part?

Just looking for some info/your experience.

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Watford1990 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:23:57

My husband got the same letter this morning. I didn't think they were doing antibody test yet on the public. I was wondering if it's because his a food industry key worker and worked through out lockdown is that why?

BalloonSlayer Thu 03-Sep-20 13:32:57

I did it weeks ago.

BalloonSlayer Thu 03-Sep-20 13:37:02

I think the selection is random, to get an idea how many people in the general population have it. You have to do an online questionnaire as well re symptoms. I think it does ask where you work etc too.

FascinatingCarrot Thu 03-Sep-20 14:11:23

Weeks ago here too. Randomly chosen through GP. Process was simple (although the finger prick test hurt (!) And I do self administered jabs every fortnight 🤣) I think the results are within 10 mins.
Then you do an online questionnaire which is simple and pretty boring. Job done

lazymum99 Thu 03-Sep-20 16:39:44

DH got one through the post weeks ago. You test yourself and then send it back. He was hoping for antibodies but it was not to be.
Don’t know how many research projects there are but his was Imperial college one

BalloonSlayer Thu 03-Sep-20 17:29:33

Mine wasn't the finger prick test it was the swabs.

Witchend Thu 03-Sep-20 17:32:23

DD has one. She's a bit nervous. I'm tempted to do it myself, or will that mess up their calculations?

yarncakes Thu 03-Sep-20 17:59:44

How do I get invited to do this?

Cloudburstagain Thu 03-Sep-20 18:21:49

I would really like to be invited to do this.

Scottishgirl85 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:52:56

Yes my husband got a letter and test arrived a few weeks ago. He was randomly selected, it's part of a massive trial. Finger prick test at home, submitted his results online. Negative result.

StatisticalSense Thu 03-Sep-20 20:17:46

It'll mess up the calculations as they'll assume that the result belongs to a child rather than an adult of your age and use it towards the child demographics.

Witchend Thu 03-Sep-20 20:27:51


It'll mess up the calculations as they'll assume that the result belongs to a child rather than an adult of your age and use it towards the child demographics.

That's what I suspected. She is 19yo, so not a child, but still going to be in a different age category.
Glad to have it confirmed-I won't do it then.

BalloonSlayer Thu 03-Sep-20 20:29:10

I know a lot of people who have been tested for various reasons and in various ways. Quite a few were convinced they have had it, or had it at the time of the test. Everyone I know has been negative.

I agreed to take part in the random study as I was one of the few people I knew who was really sure they hadn't had it, and it seems I was correct. I thought most people agreeing to take part would be people who thought they had been exposed, so I thought I'd balance it out a bit.

Disorganisedfish Thu 03-Sep-20 20:50:20

I was randomly selected for the antibody test in July and sent a test in post. I did the finger prick test and then entered a code on the website they sent me and gave them the results. They stressed they didn’t know how long antibodies lasted and so the results meant nothing really other than to collect info. I was negative and strangely disappointed as Ds had been poorly. Oh! And it was totally painless, but I still really struggled to press the button thingy on the finger prick! Knowing it was going to spring out really bothered me blushgrin

boon Thu 03-Sep-20 22:02:22

A relative of ours did one of these, she was chosen at random by NHS and showed positive for antibodies. Totally surprised. Was unwell at some point but had no idea it was Covid.

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