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Do you feel comfortable using public transport yet?

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Tictacbow Thu 03-Sep-20 00:55:51

Go back into the office first week in October after working from home for 6 long months. I will need to get a bus and a train every day and feeling a bit apprehensive about it. Is anyone else doing similar daily? And does it feel safe?
The other thing is I have to go to London next week for a meeting, catching the train from Bristol and then a Tube ride. The meeting could be very good for my career but am close to cancelling because I feel worried about the risks of coronavirus.
Don't know if I am just being overly anxious or not? I am naturally cautious and don't particularly like risk. I do know we need to get back to normal at some point though...

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Titsywoo Thu 03-Sep-20 01:05:01

Yes I've used trains into London and the tubes loads recently. It's very quiet to be honest. Trains tend to be empty and you'll easily get a seat on the tube it's that quiet so not much to worry about..

Titsywoo Thu 03-Sep-20 01:05:49

Plus the infection rates in London are much lower than much of the country!

Tictacbow Thu 03-Sep-20 11:06:05

Thanks, my only concern is the meeting is at 10am so it means travelling through rush hour. I hasn't considered that London has lower rates of the virus though which is reassuring.

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NeedWineNow Thu 03-Sep-20 11:28:01

I've been into the office 3 or 4 times over the past few weeks, travelling on the train to London at peak times. It has been fine. Masks are a bit of a pain, but necessary, and the trains are still quiet. We're travelling up to Hertfordshire tomorrow, going by train, and are completely comfortable doing so.

overwork Thu 03-Sep-20 11:32:52

I commute to work 3 x per week, in central London, using either trains or buses. I don't use the tube in rush hour as I don't need to, but use it outside of work. It's all fine, you're probably anxious because you haven't had to do it for such a long time

Beebityboo Thu 03-Sep-20 13:20:53

Watching with interest. Been so cautious for months but as we live out of town so at some point I'll need to brave a bus. Eldest DD has to start getting busy school buses from tomorrow sad.

IcedPurple Thu 03-Sep-20 13:26:10


Waxonwaxoff0 Thu 03-Sep-20 14:34:56

I've been using public transport throughout as I can't drive. It's fine.

bringbacksideburns Thu 03-Sep-20 14:45:34

Yes it may be quiet now but it's not going to stay like that is it as more return to school/ college/ work?

We've been told to return gradually next month too - 'at least once a week'. If it stays like that then fine but i dont particularly want to start going in more than 3 times as it takes me an hour there and an hour back on the bus and i live in one of the higher lockdown areas and work in one too.

I think it's fair to ask me to go back once but we hot desk on a bank of twelve desks and not all of us can come in at the same time as there are 15 on the team, so even before Lockdown some would WFH.

I'm just worried about travelling on public transport full stop in a high lockdown area when it isn't just a 10 min journey and I can only get buses.

Tictacbow Thu 03-Sep-20 15:12:13

Yes I understand your concern Bring back we are going to be working 2 weeks in office 2 weeks from home. Most of my colleagues drive so I don't think they understand why I feel wary about an hours journey each way every day for 2 weeks. Especially if cases climb in winter as expected.

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bringbacksideburns Thu 03-Sep-20 17:53:17

Would a car share be an option? Maybe at a half way point? Money for petrol and sitting in the back when it's Winter?

Yes I hadn't even thought about another spike. I think if you have a car, have subsidised parking and live in a low lockdown area you won't understand the stress!

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