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People on Sky news complaining about being abroad

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Morfin Sun 30-Aug-20 19:13:37

Yes you Ian, did you not think that going to Zante may be rife with issues. Did you not think that the Tui reps maybe stretched /unable to offer what you want. Did you really think that you would be safe from quarrantine?

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Multipack5678 Sun 30-Aug-20 19:22:31

Agreed. By all means go but at least do it with your eyes open.

Cornettoninja Sun 30-Aug-20 21:24:29

I wouldn’t go abroad at the moment myself but I get why people do. What I can’t wrap my head around is why they can’t just admit it was a gamble and they got caught out. Fair play to those who’ve managed to avoid any issues but it’s a well known factor to consider at the moment (and was from the first time they announced travel corridors).

Morfin Sun 30-Aug-20 21:43:56

Exactly. I don't give a fuck what you do with your life, but don't try and make people feel sorry for you because of your choices.

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MilktheMilk Mon 31-Aug-20 00:51:26

Yes I agree. It's really pissing me off all the sad eyes news stories about people taking holidays abroad and then being caught out by quarantine rule changes. Surely that's the risk you take going abroad during a pandemic?

Marisa444 Mon 31-Aug-20 05:08:14

Go by all means and have a lovely time, while being prepared that you may be added to a list of countries that quarantine.

But don’t be complaining about it as you have taken the risk

seayork2020 Mon 31-Aug-20 06:02:36

Are these the same reporters that are in a hurricane/earthquake/massive storms/fires all around them/rubber ducks falling from the sky etc. who stand right there in the center of it getting covered in rain/soot/ash etc. because if they don't we can't work out what is going on?

SophieB100 Mon 31-Aug-20 07:20:06

The best one was the lady a few weeks ago who returned from a country an hour after quarantine was imposed. She took her mask off to rant at close range to the Sky reporter. It wasn't his fault!

Frazzled13 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:44:37


Go by all means and have a lovely time, while being prepared that you may be added to a list of countries that quarantine.

But don’t be complaining about it as you have taken the risk

This is how I feel. When they announced the quarantine for people coming back from Croatia a couple of weeks ago, there were people complaining about the increase in the cost of direct flights that would get in just before quarantine started.
They were trying to change their flights to get back earlier to beat the quarantine, as was everybody else. The airlines suddenly had massive demand and unsurprisingly out the price up.
None of this should come as a shock.
It's happened to several countries now with a couple of days notice, so go if you want, but you've made that decision, don't then complain about how the quarantine is terrible for you. If you can't/won't quarantine when you get back, don't take the risk of going.

whatswithtodaytoday Mon 31-Aug-20 08:47:22


If you can't possibly manage without a foreign holiday for one year and must go, fine. But don't be surprised when your holiday is inconvenienced by there being a global pandemic going on. Morons.

TheSeedsOfADream Mon 31-Aug-20 09:42:30

Remember the utter plank in February who went skiing to Italy because he didn't want to lose his 14p Ryanair flight? Caught Covid and tried to sue Ryanair because it was their fault?
My, how we laughed.

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