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Alex50 Sat 29-Aug-20 15:35:47

How does it work? Say you test positive for the virus who are you supposed to tell? How many contacts do you have to remember, is it the people you met in the past week or 2 weeks?

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dementedpixie Sat 29-Aug-20 15:38:14

I think you're asked for close contacts in the 48 hours before symptoms

Alex50 Sat 29-Aug-20 15:44:46

Say you are contacted by track and trace, you have to isolate for 14 days? Do you get a test? Do you have to let people you have been in contact with even if your test comes back negative?

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dementedpixie Sat 29-Aug-20 15:47:58

A test wouldn't be of use as the incubation period is up to 14 days so could get a false negative.

MarcelineMissouri Sat 29-Aug-20 15:48:57

If you are contacted and they determine you to have had sufficient contact ie less than 2m for more than 15 minutes then you will have to isolate for 14 days. You don’t get tested unless you start having symptoms - the incubation period is up to 14 days so a negative test at eg 5 days after exposure doesn’t mean you won’t still develop it on day 7.

I don’t THINK you are asked to let anyone know unless you actually get a positive test although depending on individual circumstances I guess some people may choose to.

MRex Sat 29-Aug-20 15:51:33

Test only if symptoms (to avoid a false negative). If positive only, test and trace will contact you to ask for details of close contacts in the last 48 hours, who are asked to isolate for 14 days.

Alex50 Sat 29-Aug-20 15:52:21

Ok so you don’t get tested at all and just isolate for 14 days? What about the people you have been in contact with, do you let them know even though you don’t know it you have it or not?

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Racoonworld Sat 29-Aug-20 15:57:17

You let them know if you get symptoms and then test positive but if isolating because you’ve been in contact with someone positive but you don’t have symptoms then no

MRex Sat 29-Aug-20 15:58:20

You don't need to let anyone else know unless you were planning to meet them, get symptoms, or just fancy a natter. If someone you spent time with recently has contact with a very vulnerable person then you may want to let them know, but theoretically you will most likely be isolating before you get infectious so it shouldn't be an issue.

FredaFox Sat 29-Aug-20 16:17:45

My friend tested positive
I’d seen her the day before symptoms start
I rang 111 they say isolate for 14 days
They don’t suggest a test at all.
A few days after my friend had already told me she was positive track and trace contacted me, again advice is to isolate not to take a test.
AsI’m living with my mum who is on the government list i chose for us to be tested which came back negative, not one person my friend has been in contact with has developed it however there were several cases in her gym so that must be the cause

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