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Help understanding isolation guidelines

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Serendipper Fri 28-Aug-20 17:36:51

My SIL and I are both heavily pregnant (35 weeks)
Her house is being done up before baby and they have had plastered in this week. One of the plasterers has contacted my dad (who is arranging it) to say he has tested positive today.
He was in the house Wednesday and my brother and father were both in the house while he was there.

My dad says he wasn’t nearer than 2m and wasn’t in there longer than 5 mins (but my dad is likely to minimise)
My brother was in the house but only upstairs and not in the same room. He and SIL then went to the house and slept there after plastered had left.

No one has been contacted by track and trace.

Do any of them need to isolate?

If they don’t (my dad believe she doesn’t need to) would you avoid them anyway for 14 days?

My dad regularly visits my grandparents, I also visit them as they help with my toddler, should I stay away from them as well if I can’t be sure my dad (and brother/sil) haven’t been there?

Guidance is so unclear!

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Serendipper Fri 28-Aug-20 17:38:12

Sorry for typos, my keyboard doesn’t work well if phone is charging blush

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dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 17:46:28

What do we mean by a ‘contact’?

A ‘contact’ is a person who has been close to someone who has tested positive forCOVID-19anytime from 2 days before the person was symptomatic up to 10 days from onset of symptoms (this is when they are infectious to others). For example, a contact can be:

- people who spend significant time in the same household as a person who has tested positive forCOVID-19
- sexual partners
- a person who has had face-to-face contact (within one metre), with someone who has tested positive forCOVID-19, including:
--being coughed on
--having a face-to-face conversation within one metre
-- having skin-to-skin physical contact
-- or contact within one metre for one minute or longer without face-to-face contact
- a person who has been within 2 metres of someone who has tested positive forCOVID-19for more than 15 minutes
- a person who has travelled in a small vehicle with someone who has tested positive forCOVID-19or in a large vehicle or plane near someone who has tested positive forCOVID-19

Serendipper Fri 28-Aug-20 18:06:25

@dementedpixie where is that info from? Seems more specific than the .gov I read

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dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 18:08:38

Serendipper Fri 28-Aug-20 18:54:41

@dementedpixie so what if you fit in that criteria but you haven’t been contacted by track and trace?

That’s where I think my dad fits. Presumably the infected person hasn’t passed my dads details to the t&t service.

It says in the guidance - if you haven’t been contacted you don’t have to isolate.

What if you should have been contacted but you haven’t?

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SaltyAndFresh Fri 28-Aug-20 18:58:09

so what if you fit in that criteria but you haven’t been contacted by track and trace?

I think that just illustrates the limitations of track and trace. I would be avoiding contact, personally. If you don't have to, why take the risk?

Jenasaurus Fri 28-Aug-20 19:01:24

Its probably best to be cautious in this situation, I would wait to visit the elderly grandparents and your dad to be safe, thankfully the plasterer told you that he tested positive.

dementedpixie Fri 28-Aug-20 19:02:59

Which bit does he fit into? Doesn't sound like he had a lot of contact with him

Serendipper Fri 28-Aug-20 19:37:07

@dementedpixie I don’t trust his judgement that his conversation was as short as he thinks. My dad can’t say anything once he’s a terrible repeater.
I wouldn’t even trust my own judgment to be sure a conversation was less than 15 mins and always 2m apart.
They were discussing the plastering around a plug socket so I imagine that’s both of them gathering around it to have a look.

I think as pp said it’s definitely a limitation of track and trace and a judgement call that given how close I am to due date I should avoid them all.

The difficulty being that I have gotten used to the help with my toddler (my husband has been back in work from furlough for 2 weeks so I’ve been glad of the help)

We will manage though!

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