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Covid bonus

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Porridgeoat Thu 20-Aug-20 20:44:30

I’m interested to know if any workers have had a bonus or incentive relating to Covid period? I know a care home where workers have been paid an extra 40p per hour for every hour worked. Are such incentives the norm?

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Stillinbedat10am Fri 21-Aug-20 07:17:34

No cash bonus but university I work at has given us two extra closure days over the summer to thank us for our efforts during the transition to online learning and our ongoing work in looking after our students, as well as an extra day off at Christmas.

Generally speaking the consensus among staff has been that as much as money is always useful, the extra time has been valuable and very much appreciated.

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 21-Aug-20 07:25:05

Haha, no. The company I work for have had to take out a 6 figure loan to survive. Doubt I'll get my usual Christmas bonus either but I'm just grateful to still have a job.

Porridgeoat Fri 21-Aug-20 18:29:18

I work with a mix of elderly and young children in two different settings.

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AnyFucker Fri 21-Aug-20 18:31:23

I got a free antibody test ! Whoop !

dappledsunshine Fri 21-Aug-20 18:34:24

Ha ha ha........ no

Ponoka7 Fri 21-Aug-20 18:36:21

My DD's work gave everyone an extra two weeks wages to encourage isolation. Personally I thought that we should have closed the shops on Bank Holiday Mondays, to give them time off.

I think we should allow retail staff extra time off at Christmas.

PeaceAndHarmoneeee Fri 21-Aug-20 18:36:38

We got an extra day's leave as reward for our hard work over last 6m (we have been v busy and super flexible as a business due to Covid !). Bosses said the company can not afford to give pay rises this year due to losing some business but they gave us an extra days leave in our allocation instead.

RandomTree Fri 21-Aug-20 18:37:10

No, like stillinbed I work at a university but nothing extra here.

Arcadia Fri 21-Aug-20 18:38:40

We've had two days that we normally get given off over Christmas taken away from us - I.e. we now have to take it out of our usual allowance. People were really pissed off.
Having said that I've had my usual personal performance related bonuses paid which I was quite surprised about.

Dontletthecatout Fri 21-Aug-20 18:43:32

I'm aware that M&S topped up furlough wages to 100% and also paid those who worked an additional 15%. Which is probably why they are now making so many redundancies 😒

derenstar Fri 21-Aug-20 18:48:17

I’ve had my salary reduced by 20% and our annual bonus pulled despite being within spitting distance of financial year end before lock down. But hey, at least I still have job (for now).🙁

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