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Number restrictions at funerals - does it include children?

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IDidntChoseThePondLife Tue 18-Aug-20 11:15:48

Hi there,
Just a quick question, have googled but can't find anything. For a relative's funeral I understand that the maximum number of people is 30 - does that include children?
Thanks :D

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lunar1 Tue 18-Aug-20 11:36:22

Yes, at least it did for my friends dad's funeral 2 weeks ago.

Baaaahhhhh Tue 18-Aug-20 11:51:35

Yes, we had a limit of 10 a few weeks ago, and only wife, and adult children could go.

IDidntChoseThePondLife Tue 18-Aug-20 12:43:32

Thank you both - much appreciated 🙏🏻

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EBM20 Wed 19-Aug-20 19:17:59

My best friends father in law passed away last week. The funeral is next week and its limited to 30 adults no children, so I'm looking after her little one for the day

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