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Steroids and shielding

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AuntieEmm Sat 15-Aug-20 18:58:37

I also have Polymyalgia Rheumatica as well as other conditions, and as I was under 20mg of prednisolone when guidelines were released (I have previously been in higher doses)I come under the 'highly vulnerable' category. Personally I decided to shield as I did not want to take any chances. There are some good Facebook groups for advice, and some members have been advised to shield on lower doses, most have not.
I found this chart very good for explaining:
(I hope the link works)
Good luck to your relative and hope the steroids provide relief I know what s painful condition it is.

OpheliasCrayon Sat 15-Aug-20 18:45:23

For steroids as PP says, my hospital info has said 20mg+ Is the dose to trigger shielding.

However there are other factors that go along with it as well

RedRumTheHorse Thu 13-Aug-20 15:49:20

OP they may change who needs to be shielded due to what conditions people who ended up being hospitalised had. So the high blood pressure and angina may mean they fall into the shielding group rather than the steriod use.

Fyzz Thu 13-Aug-20 15:42:46

I am not a medical expert but I am extremely vulnerable due to multiple health conditions and I take steroids.
My understanding is that while long term steroids in large doses (over 20mg daily) can increase vulnerability it's more a measure of the condition that requires them.

The simple answer would be for your relative to ask her specialist or cns.

jaychops Thu 13-Aug-20 12:28:48

A relative in their late 50s has just been diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica and prescribed a reducing dose of steroids starting at 15mg.

GP has not been particularly forthcoming with information. I know shielding has finished now, but if it should begin again, would they be classed as highly vulnerable to the extent of shielding, or 'just' high risk? On the govt info it states shielding is required for those on a high dose of steroids which I don't believe it is.

Other past medical history is high blood pressure and angina.

Just wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation. We rely on them for childcare which they insist they will continue to do but I don't want to put them at risk.

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