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No checks at Manchester airport??

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alyaster1 Wed 12-Aug-20 17:19:26

I had to travel to spain last week to manage some construction work. I returned on a flight into Manchester airport last night having duly filled in my form to report where I would be spending my quarantine. I chatted to a large family on the plane who hadn't completed their forms and told them that when I flew in a few weeks ago , you could complete the forms on landing.
We were all surprised to find that no one was asked to show their forms or details at all. The family I had been talking to felt this meant they would be in no official list that they had travelled and as such didn't need to quarantine!!
Let me just add that on arrival to spain last week all forms were checked and random passengers were even temperature checked at a designated medical checkpoint.
Why do we as a country set these rules to a press fanfare and then not thoroughly enforce them??

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usernotfound0000 Wed 12-Aug-20 17:48:33

I flew into Leeds Bradford Airport just over 2 weeks ago, there was a number of border staff checking everyone to see evidence that they had done their forms, for people that hadn't (quite a number) they had tablets set up so they could do it there. It is disappointing to hear that isn't standard, although maybe the larger areas just wouldn't have the capacity to do it.

PamDemic Wed 12-Aug-20 17:56:11

I flew into Stansted this weekend - there was complete chaos with no one knowing what to do. we filled in paper forms which we didn't need to give in, and also were sort of told to complete the online form at the website. This didn't appear to be relevant to UK residents though, and everyone was completely confused.

No temperature tests at all.

Aragog Wed 12-Aug-20 18:43:57

Not been to Spain but came back from France a week ago. We weren't able to board Eurostar unless we showed the email received after completing our locator forms. She checked we'd had three series the emails - One for each of us.

No checks in the U.K. but I assume that's because it was all done on the France side before boarding.

DazedandConcerned Wed 12-Aug-20 19:05:07

Flew into Manchester from Rhodes on 29 July. No one checked the form and we went through the fast track line not an automated gate.

covidmonkey Wed 12-Aug-20 19:30:25

We arrived to Manchester from Finland last week. You could choose between two lanes at the passport check. One was for people who had filled the questionnaire and other forms the rest. We had filled them but we weren't asked to show any evidence.

alyaster1 Wed 12-Aug-20 19:32:58

So it's happening all over! There were only 2 flights arriving last night after 10 pm so it's not like there would be too many people to check.
The government complain if the young don't social distance at bars etc yet they are not helping their cause or the fight against the virus at all by not holding firm on their policies.

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notimagain Wed 12-Aug-20 20:00:28

No direct check at one of the major London Airports last week.

I guess if the government IT systems were really joined up your passport number (read at the e-gates or scanned manually by an official) could be compared with a "completed PLF database", if such a thing exists, and that would reveal if you'd filled in an on-line form or not...

Note I said "if" several times..

SheepandCow Thu 13-Aug-20 00:07:06

Some guy tried to make a human rights claim against lockdown. I thought he was morally irresponsible...but now thinking about it I wonder if there actually is a human rights case. How is it reasonable to enforce lockdowns (local or national) if we have no proper airport checks or restrictions?

TippledPink Thu 13-Aug-20 00:15:48

I flew back from Gran Canaria to Gatwick last week just after midnight. We had to show the form on our phone to the passport check person, someone checked we had done it before we got into that line too. I did think I could put any address really but did do it correctly in the end.

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