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Russian vaccine 'ready for rollout'

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Lelophants Tue 11-Aug-20 14:20:55

anyone else seen this on BBC news? Worrying considering it has (supposedly) not gone through all the vigorous testing.

I wonder if trump will jump on the bandwagon and try to use this on his people. Hopefully he'll fail.

A bit scary really!

Also saw that the 6 approved world vaccine trials should be ready my mid 2021 earliest. So maybe this time next year some of us will start getting it! Woohoo.

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GreyGardens88 Tue 11-Aug-20 14:22:40

Probably been tested on inmates in a Chechnya concentration camp. Evil evil country.

Lelophants Tue 11-Aug-20 14:23:41

I feel for the people so much. You can see a number of people desperate to try.

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