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How did you do 10 day isolation before seeing grandparents?

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CovoidanceMechanism Mon 10-Aug-20 10:55:47

This has been suggested on another thread, if you have done it what did you do/avoid?

For example did you see anyone outdoors at 2m distance during the 10 days?

The reason I ask is because of the following plan:

Would this work, possibly tweaking the timing.

1) family A visits grandparent A after a period of strict isolation. During this time family B reduces contact to outdoor (eg park) meetings at 2m and lone walks for 5 days. (This is the same as grandparent Bs usual routine).

2) family B stays with family A for 5 days only seeing each other in their isolated rural home.

3) family B visits grandparent B. Should this visit be outdoor and distanced only or is overnight stay and normal family interaction reasonable?

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blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 10:59:00

What 10 days isolation?

blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 10:59:56

You say it has been suggested on another thread, why are you expecting people to be doing it?

dementedpixie Mon 10-Aug-20 11:05:54

10 day isolation is for those with symptoms of coronavirus. It would be 14 days for those without symptoms.
If indoors, social distancing should be observed.

ohthegoats Mon 10-Aug-20 11:07:51

If everyone is happy with the plan, just do it.

We had a gap when school finished before seeing grandparents (both me and child in school), then had another 20 day gap before seeing other grandparents.

We're going to see 101 year old Granny on Wednesday, only 5 days since seeing other grandparents because she's had enough and just wants to see us. Her risk, she shouted at us when we suggested otherwise. Haha.

blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 11:11:18


10 day isolation is for those with symptoms of coronavirus. It would be 14 days for those without symptoms.
If indoors, social distancing should be observed.

I thought that. I just got confused with OP saying it was a suggestion on another thread and though they meant for all grandparents specifically blush

minnieok Mon 10-Aug-20 11:13:00

We are just careful, we don't isolate but we aren't socialising much anyway, (I've had a meal with a friend but she was over 80 and was the first time out!) Stick to 2m, wear masks, kids avoid the playground if applicable

CovoidanceMechanism Mon 10-Aug-20 11:36:50

Thanks, sorry for any confusion, certainly not making any suggestions for anyone else, asking for what you do in the way of isolating before seeing grandparents.

(Apologies blacktop on the other thread a comment implied some people are doing this and I was really looking good for more details from anyone who has)

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CovoidanceMechanism Mon 10-Aug-20 11:38:30

‘Looking for’ not ‘looking good’🙄

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AldiAisleofCrap Mon 10-Aug-20 11:38:40

If you want to be sure, then isolate in your home and garden for 14 days, no visitors.

blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 11:41:13

My Nanna is in her late 80's and I visit her twice a week. I also go to supermarkets, not half as much as she does though grin

It hasn't crossed my mind to isolate from her for no reason, as soon as I was allowed to visit her I did.

Redolent Mon 10-Aug-20 11:58:47

I do a variant of this. Minimise outdoor activities except for things like supermarket shopping (with masks and sanitizer, risk is minimal). There are certain things I wouldn’t do in the two weeks prior, such as visiting pubs or restaurants, or meeting others in our house or garden. Then I’d really make use of the meet-up by staying overnight for a while.

Blerg Mon 10-Aug-20 14:16:31

We did this for 14 days. Was fairly easy as we are both wfh. Didn’t go out at all, not for walks or anything. Stocked up on food and activities for kids. Had a food delivery part way through and were careful with hand washing around that. Drove straight to GPs, no stops. It might not be possible for some but it felt right to be cautious if we could be.

GetRid Mon 10-Aug-20 14:22:22

We also did this, for 14 days as that's how long it could potentially take for symptoms to emerge.

We had no visitors, got home deliveries and did very rural walks if we needed to get out of the house.

Although it's a pain, it has enabled grandparent to come and stay with us with complete peace of mind.

fadingfast Mon 10-Aug-20 14:24:40

We've recently stayed with my DM (78 but in good health) for a few nights and in the couple of weeks prior to going we were very careful, although we did meet up with friends in the park (at a distance). DH and I both work from home and we haven't been to shops/pubs etc apart from minimal supermarket shopping.
The week before we went I reported a (slight) sore throat on the Zoe tracker app. Pretty sure it was hay fever related but I was invited to take a test, and as we were planning to visit DM I thought we should. So DH and I had a test a few days before we went, which gave us extra reassurance.
I felt reasonably comfortable with going and while we were there we spent lots of time outside and had no shared bathroom. I'm much more worried about how we will be able to manage visits safely once the DC are back at school and the weather is too bad for sitting outside sad.

Waxonwaxoff0 Mon 10-Aug-20 14:44:13

I can't isolate as I have to work with others outside the home. I visit my 78 year old grandfather, we stay in the garden. He's happy with this.

blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 14:55:51

My nanna isn't isolating so I'm not sure why I should before visiting her?

ohthegoats Mon 10-Aug-20 15:19:44

Stop stirring @blacktop.

The reason that this social distanced stuff is working sort of OK right now, is because some people are doing as this thread suggests. It's not the 'rules', it's not advised, it's just people operating their social lives in a way that feels safe. Leave them alone. If you don't want to, then don't.

blacktop Mon 10-Aug-20 15:22:06

I wasn't stirring? What on earth?

CovoidanceMechanism Mon 10-Aug-20 21:11:39

Thank you everyone who has answered, it’s really helpful to hear how everyone is approaching their situations.

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SengaStrawberry Tue 11-Aug-20 00:54:38

No. Seeing people 2m apart has been permitted for ages now. Where’s the requirement to isolate come from? Another MN made up rule?

SengaStrawberry Tue 11-Aug-20 00:56:55


I wasn't stirring? What on earth?

No you weren’t. You’ve been berated for not complying with someone’s made up version of the “roolz”/ them determined to prove that despite other people following said roolz they aren’t doing Coronavirus as good as them. Tedious.

SengaStrawberry Tue 11-Aug-20 00:59:28

Plus with added “because they are doing lockdown better than us it’s helping keep the case numbers down”. Gawd bless you ohthegoats.

KitKatastrophe Tue 11-Aug-20 01:42:46


No. Seeing people 2m apart has been permitted for ages now. Where’s the requirement to isolate come from? Another MN made up rule?

There is no requirement but if people are happier to do this before meeting vulnerable grandparents, why cant they? It isnt hurting anyone. OP isnt claiming that everyone else should do the same she is just asking advice from those who have/would.

You may think its unnecessary but you dont know OPs personal risk level or that of her grandparents and it is their choice not yours.

TwigTheWonderKid Tue 11-Aug-20 02:14:44

We did 2 weeks complete isolation because grandmother lives a long way away so we wanted to be able to stay with her in her house and for the children to be able to cuddle her without fear we were bringing something unwanted to her, especially as both children had been in school. We drove most of the way on A roads and wild wee'd .

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