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Holiday lodge with multi households

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Ohjustme Thu 06-Aug-20 10:25:14

Is this allowed? Or are we expected to adhere to government guidelines for meeting up in peoples houses.
I think we probably will have to but due to go away in a group of 8, all different households and i dont think we'll be allowed.

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Racoonworld Thu 06-Aug-20 10:30:49

No you need to follow the guidelines, so you can go away with one other household whilst maintaining social distancing. More than one household in a lodge is not allowed.

Ponoka7 Thu 06-Aug-20 10:35:43

It isn't allowed. Not everyone is following the guidelines, so some accommodation providers will still allow such bookings.

starlingsintheslipstream Thu 06-Aug-20 10:39:45

Who have you booked it through? It's against Govt guidelines to gather in a group of that size and household distribution but not against the law. Just advisory. You might find the company is not that interested in who is in the lodge leaving you to make the decision to stay or go.

HasaDigaEebowai Thu 06-Aug-20 10:49:01

Not allowed

Realitea Thu 06-Aug-20 10:52:24

Not allowed - I look after Airbnb places and it’s all been groups of about 8 all from different households. I have no say in it, I have to clean them whatever but I wish people would stick to the guidelines as they’re out there to keep all of us safe. Not just the groups going away.

DamitJanet Thu 06-Aug-20 10:54:40

It’s not allowed, you can stay away someone with one other household only, maintaining social distancing as much as possible.
Sure some places will happily ignore the guidelines and let you book/go, wish they wouldn’t though.

MRex Thu 06-Aug-20 11:00:54

Put the actual guidance to one side for a moment (though you know very well that you would not be following it in this situation).

Sleeping overnight in the same place has the biggest impact on spread and some people are asymptomatic. The guidance exists for a reason, it's to reduce spread. Do you want to take a vastly increased risk of catching covid? Are you comfortable with everyone in the house and everyone you regularly come into contact with in coming weeks having that vastly increased risk of catching covid?

starlingsintheslipstream Thu 06-Aug-20 11:07:31

I wish the Government would make it law rather than guidance though. In Wales it is law. It puts everyone in an awkward position otherwise. Holiday companies, eg Sykes, are maintaining it's guidance and refusing refunds or suggesting that 1 or 2 households can go rather alone rather than the original party. I can see why people don't want to lose the money and will chance it. We should have been away (6 households) to Wales this week but have not gone.

Ohjustme Thu 06-Aug-20 11:38:43

We booked it direct and also booked it way back in 2019. I've emailed them and im waiting on a response but wanted to know the facts before I hear back from them.

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stillfeelingmad Thu 06-Aug-20 12:01:22

You can stay with one other house hold, we're going to a lodge this weekend, two households, seperate bedrooms and bathrooms so should be able to be reasonably social distanced and keep it clean and safe

Yetiyoga Thu 06-Aug-20 12:23:31

If you are in England, you are only allowed to meet up indoors with 1 other household. I don't know why being in a holiday let would make any difference? The virus isn't protected in a holiday let.

claragolightly Thu 06-Aug-20 12:31:30

Does this apply if you're going abroad?

(I'm not, but I'm curious)

Delatron Thu 06-Aug-20 14:15:56

I don’t know if when you are abroad you follow the guidelines of that country?

So for a example in Spain they were allowing more people to mix inside, groups of 10 round for dinner etc?

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